Professional Development

Course Title Code Campus Time
Introduction to Accounting  ACTG 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Financial Measurement/Analysis  FINC 3001  BARRIE   Daytime
Rules and History of Golf  GLFD 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Leadership  MNGM 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Management Principles  MNGM 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Prof Standards in Policing  POLC 4001  ORILLIA   Daytime
Ergonomics and Wellness  POLC 4002  ORILLIA   Daytime
Human Res Mgmt in Policing  POLC 4005  ORILLIA   Online 
Food Service Control Systems  HSPM 4000  BARRIE   Daytime
Studies in Popular Culture  HUMA 3001  BARRIE   Online 
Managing E-Business  MNGM 2000  BARRIE   Daytime
Introduction to Marketing  MRKT 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Introduction to Police Studies  POLC 1000  ORILLIA   Daytime
Forensic Science  POLC 3003  ORILLIA   Daytime
Incident Command  POLC 4003  ORILLIA   Online 
Organized Crime  POLC 4008  ORILLIA   Online 
Survey Methods and Statistics  SOSC 3002  ORILLIA   Daytime
Canadian Criminal Justice  POLC 1002  ORILLIA   Daytime
Contemp Social Movements  POLC 4007  ORILLIA   Daytime
Introduction to Psychology 2  PSYC 1001  ORILLIA   Daytime
Entrepreneurship/Bus Plan  BSNS 3000  BARRIE   Daytime
Principles of Networking  BSNS 4004  BARRIE   Daytime
Sociology for Policing  POLC 1007  ORILLIA   Online 
Public And Media Relations  POLC 4004  ORILLIA   Online 
Victimology  POLC 4012  ORILLIA   Online 
Pro Shop Retail Mgmt  GLFD 3002  BARRIE   Daytime
Project Management  MNGM 2001  BARRIE   Evening
Ethics In Policing  POLC 4000  ORILLIA   Evening
Political Science  SOSC 2003  ORILLIA   Online 
Services / Product Innovation  BSNS 3002  BARRIE   Evening
Macroeconomics  ECNM 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Golf Etiq/Game Improvement  GLFD 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Golf Course Design/Const  GLFD 4001  BARRIE   Daytime
Interpersonal Communications  POLC 1001  ORILLIA   Daytime
Research Methods for Policing  POLC 2002  ORILLIA   Daytime
Rules of Evidence  POLC 3001  ORILLIA   Daytime
Introduction to Sociology  SOCI 1000  BARRIE
Pol.Studies Adv Perspectives  POLC 2000  ORILLIA   Daytime
Police Powers in Canada  POLC 2003  ORILLIA   Evening
Criminal Law: Adv  POLC 2005  ORILLIA   Online 
Provincial Offences  POLC 2006  ORILLIA   Daytime
Foundations of Interviewing  POLC 3002  ORILLIA   Daytime
Investigation and Evidence  POLC 3006  ORILLIA   Online 
Introduction to Psychology 1  PSYC 1000  BARRIE
Organizational Design  BSNS 3001  BARRIE   Daytime
Service Excellence  BSNS 4001  BARRIE   Daytime
Contemp Issues in Criminology  POLC 3000  ORILLIA   Daytime
Cyberspace: Trends and Issues  POLC 4009  ORILLIA   Online