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With over 25 years’ experience training motorcycle and Spyder® riders, Georgian offers a variety of courses to help you obtain your M1, M2 and M licences, refine your techniques and advance your skills.

From the beginner to the more advanced rider, we’ve got you covered with training sessions in Barrie, Bracebridge, Collingwood, Midland, Orangeville, Orillia and Owen Sound! ***New sites in Aurora and Kitchener***

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Have an M1 motorcycle licence?

Try these motorcycle training courses! Courses run until Nov. 10. To participate, you must provide and wear full riding gear and be 16 years of age or older.


Motorcycle Training Basic course (M1 Exit course)

Want to complete M1 Exit? Learn balancing, braking, cold starting, stopping, moving off and stopping, correct gear changing, signaling and shoulder checking, slow-riding and pattern riding. This course includes both classroom and on-the-bike training with motorcycles provided. Individuals successfully completing all instruction and the final test (M1 Exit), which is administered by our MTO certified examiners on day 2 of your practical training, will be eligible to receive an M2 licence.

  • Course code: DRVR 0003
  • Location: Barrie, Bracebridge, Collingwood, Midland, Orangeville, Orillia and Owen Sound
  • Fee: $585

Note: To take this course, you must possess, and have available, a valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation Class M1 permit.

motorcycle training course

Three Extra – Fine Tune your Riding Skills

Ideal for those who were unsuccessful on their M1 Exit skills evaluation, and/or need to practice riding. Ride in our lot, on our training motorcycles, with instructor coaching. It is also ideal for licenced riders who have not been actively riding and want to gain some confidence.

  • Course code: DRVR 0034
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $205

Note: To take this course, you can possess an M1, M2 or M licence.


Have an M2 motorcycle licence?

Try these motorcycle training courses! Courses run until Nov. 10. To participate, you must provide and wear full riding gear and be 16 years of age or older.

Motorcycle on highway

M2 Exit course

Get your full M licence! This course is designed to prepare students for their final motorcycle riding skills or M2/M2M Exit test. The course consists of three segments: a classroom portion, a range/parking lot portion, and a road/street portion. At the end of your training, the final test is administered to students individually by OUR MTO certified examiners.

  • Course code: DRVR 0004
  • Location: Barrie, Bracebridge, Orangeville, Orillia, Owen Sound, and ***NEW sites in Aurora and Kitchener
  • Fee: $500

Have an M2 or M motorcycle licence?

Try these motorcycle training courses in Barrie! To participate, you must provide and wear full riding gear and hold an M or M2 licence with experience.

woman on motorcycle

Refresher course

Has your confidence in your recently learned riding skills diminished? This refresher course will get your road-ready again.

Note: To participate, you must demonstrate entry-level riding ability. If using a personally owned motorcycle for the program, it must be licensed and insured, street legal and pass a pre-ride safety inspection. Bike rentals are available upon request.

  • Course code: DRVR 0012
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $260
motorcycle on highway

Enhance your Riding course

Invest in your skill development with our three-hour training sessions on your own motorcycle. Take our two levels of classes slow-speed maneuvers and high-speed braking and cornering exercises.

  • Registration: Call 249.388.1382
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $100
motorcycle on highway

Experienced Rider course

Take your riding to a new level with our Experienced Rider course. Learn advanced tips and techniques that will help you own the road. For those with riding experience, the five-hour course includes on-bike exercises on a closed course as well as a review of safety elements.

Note: Upon successful completion, receive a Georgian College certificate of attendance.

  • Registration: Call 249.388.1382
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $149
Jenn Martin, Coordinating Chief Instructor, Motorcycle Training Programs
We’ve been operating for over 25 years and pride ourselves on giving new and old motorcyclist the confidence to ride. Motorcycle riding is such an experience and I love showing people the exhilarating feeling that riding gives. Jenn Martin, Manager, Motorcycle Programming

Thinking three wheels instead of two?

Try these motor-tricycle training courses in Barrie! To participate, you must provide and wear full riding gear and hold an M1 licence.

Spyder three wheeled motorcycle

M1 Exit Three Wheels course

Designed to teach the novice or experienced rider how to ride a three-wheeled motorcycle. This course takes the rider through the basic skill training including turning skills, shifting through gears, effective braking and controlling vehicle speed. The course includes in-classroom learning and riding skill practice in the parking lot. At the end of the course, you will be offered a skill evaluation to move on to M2 (M).

  • Course code: DRVR 0031
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $585*

*2024 promotion extended

Register for DRVR 0031 for just $199 until June 31

*cannot be combined with any other offer

Spyder three wheel motorcycle

Two-hour Try Three Wheels course

Thinking three wheels instead of two, but not sure? Take the opportunity to test drive on three wheels. Learn to operate, brake and control a Can-Am SPYDER®/RYKER® and then take one for a closed-course ride, under the supervision of our certified instructors

  • Course code: DRVR 0033
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $105


Don’t have an M1 licence or looking for some one-on-one?

Try these motorcycle training courses in Barrie! To participate, you must provide and wear full riding gear.

hand on motorcycle handle bar

Three-hour Introduction to Motorcycle Riding course

Not sure if motorcycling is for you? In this course, participants are taught the very basics of operating a motorcycle. You learn balancing, braking and slow speed control.

Note: An M1 licence is NOT required. This course does NOT replace the basic M1 Exit course. Georgian College motorcycles are provided. There is no certificate offered for the completion of this course.

  • Course code: DRVR 0024
  • Location: Barrie
  • Fee: $199
motorcycle speed gage

Private Training

We provide one-on-one and private corporate training motorcycle training sessions. Please let us know what you are looking for and we’d be happy to try and accommodate.

  • Registration: Call 249.388.1382
  • Fee:
    • $1,200 per person for M1 or M2 Exit one-on-one course
    • $720 per person for M1 Exit group training course

Gear information, release forms and campus map

Mandatory gear guidelines

Choosing the right gear can make all the difference! The following gear is required for ALL Georgian motorcycle courses:

Acceptable Unacceptable
HelmetDOT, Snell, ECE, CSA or BSA
Full-faced helmets are recommended
Helmets that don’t meet the DOT, Snell, ECE, CSA or BSA safety ratings
GlovesLeather, covering the wrist bone or motorcycle-specific gloves, leather-palmedFingerless gloves, fabric gloves, gloves too short to cover wrist bone
JacketHeavy denim jean jacket, durable long-sleeved jacket, leather jacket or motorcycle-specific jacketWind jackets, soft-fashioned leather, pleather or shirt-style jackets with armouring, stretchy synthetics
BootsSturdy boots covering ankles (e.g., hiking boots, work boots, or motorcycle-specific boots)High-top sneakers, flimsy leather, Blundstone boots with elastic over the ankle, boots below the ankle
PantsHeavy denim jeans with no holes or tears, or motorcycle-specific pants – leather or textileRipped or very worn jeans, too short to cover ankles, below the hips, jeggings, track pants

Additional items to consider

Optional: Rain gear, warmer clothing to layer, hat for sun or cold, sunglasses, sunscreen, other clothes to change into after training, lunch money, water, snacks

Mandatory release forms

Release of Liability Agreement, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement in respect to select motorcycle courses at Georgian:

DRVR 0003

DRVR 0004

DRVR 0031

Note: You’ll receive a hard (paper) copy of the form(s) during the lecture and sign in front of the instructor.

Campus map

In Barrie, motorcycle training is delivered in a building located in parking lot D, directly across from D building:

FAQs about motorcycle training

What riding gear will I need?Georgian College Chevron

To participate in any motorcycle training course at Georgian, you will need:

  • Approved helmet
  • heavy, long-sleeved jacket
  • long pants (jeans)
  • gloves
  • low-heeled boots that cover the entire ankle

Please refer to Georgian’s mandatory gear guidelines for specifics.

What is the student–instructor ratio?Georgian College Chevron

There are five students per instructor and one student per motorcycle.

How old do I have to be to register in a training session?Georgian College Chevron

You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in motorcycle training.

When do courses start and how long do they run for?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian’s motorcycle training courses start in March and run until November.

How do I register? When does registration start?Georgian College Chevron

How to register

Need help with registering?

If you experience any difficulty with registering, contact us at:

Jenn Martin – 249.388.1382

Caroline DeGrechie – 249.388.0682

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