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We offer a variety of services to employers to help you grow your labour force, including access to vital information related to employment and labour standards. The government of Canada partially funds this Employment Ontario service. There is no cost for employers to use these services, however employers must meet eligibility criteria to access them.

Some of the services we offer that may help your business:

  • Support in identifying human resources needs and filling vacancies
  • No-cost job posting services, online and in person
  • Access to motivated job seekers
  • Candidate screening, placement, monitoring and retention strategies and support
  • Financial incentives to offset the cost of training our clients
  • Information and referral to local programs, services and resources that are vital to employers

Employer Registration Form (note: this is a protected form that your web browser may not be able to open. If clicking the link opens the form instead of downloading it, please right-click on the link and choose the ‘save’ option. Once saved, open the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader, not your web browser or other PDF readers)

NOTE: Employers must meet eligibility criteria to access these services. Please contact the centre closest to you to review these guidelines.

Our team of employment professionals can meet with you to determine if your business is eligible for wage incentives. These are provided to employers to offset some training expenses related to hiring our clients.

Incentives are negotiated between our team and the employer directly. Amounts may range from $1,500 to a maximum of $8,000, with a maximum duration of 52 weeks, depending on a variety of factors. Our team also provides mentoring and job retention services for our clients to ensure success throughout the training program and beyond.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to purchase training for their employees. Employers choose the individuals they would like to have trained and the training that meets their workforce development needs. Learn more about the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

Skill shortages are a persistent problem in the labour market in Canada. The high number of skilled trades people who will be retiring within the next decade will only make the problem worse. This has serious implications in terms of labour market productivity, growth and competitiveness at home and abroad. We are here to assist employers in accessing skilled candidates interested in apprenticeship. We also administer the Apprenticeship Signing Bonus. A $2,000 apprenticeship signing bonus is available to employers to hire, register and train an apprentice.

For more information and eligibility requirements please contact us.

Youth Job Link

Youth Job Link is designed to help youth, including students, aged 15 to 29, who do not face significant barriers to employment, but who could benefit from some extra help to plan their careers and transition to the labour market.

Our services offer job search, readiness and matching assistance to connect youth with employers like you offering employment opportunities, including summer jobs.

Employers are provided with a $300 incentive upon hiring of an eligible client.  Contact one of our locations today to learn more about this program.

Experience Ontario

Experience Ontario is a pilot program for a limited number of recent high school graduates who have an interest in attending postsecondary education or apprenticeship training, but are uncertain of their next steps. This is part of the Ontario government’s plan to support a highly skilled workforce.

Experience Ontario work placements

Participants have up to three different placements totaling up to nine months in sectors related to their career interests. Participants can have different employers for each of their three placements or one employer for one or two longer placements. If a participant is with the same employer for a longer placement, it should be in different areas of the organization or doing different tasks.

Employers pay participants at least the minimum wage and are eligible for a subsidy. If participants require personal protective equipment, this cost will be covered by the program in addition to the wage subsidy.

Career coaches collaborate with participants to organize work placements. They also maintain frequent contact with participants to guide, encourage and support them, to ensure success throughout the program and address any questions or concerns.

Employers benefit from:

  • Motivated youth keen on making a contribution
  • A financial incentive to offset participants’ wages
  • Opportunity for staff to develop mentoring skills
  • Potential candidates for future employment (upon completion of postsecondary education or apprenticeship training)

Please contact the Barrie and Orangeville locations to learn more about this program.

Youth Job Connection

This service provides youth aged 15-29 who need support for job-readiness and job placement. Participants will gain the skills for permanent work positions through job focused workshops while earning minimum wage.

Employers who participate in this program can receive up to $5,800 in hiring incentives and supports.  Youth participants and employers are supported throughout the placement duration to ensure a smooth transition to the workplace.

Call 519.942.9986, ext. 5641 to register for the next Youth Job Connection session.

Step Up (Orangeville location)

Step Up provides youth with an opportunity to explore career choices and gain practical work experience.

What are the benefits for employers?

  • Fully funded participant placement at minimum wage for 10 weeks at 35 hours/week
  • On-the-job coaching and mediation from our job developer/coach

If you are interested in hiring a Step Up participant, please call 519.942.9986, ext. 5641.

Georgian College’s team of employment professionals can assist your business in accessing qualified, skilled professionals who are ready to work.

The recruitment services we can offer you include promotion of the positions, interviewing/screening and selection. The services can be one or all of these, depending on your needs.

We also provide job fairs and recruitment events tailored to your needs. We are able to hold these at our location as well as at a larger venue if needed.

To learn more about how we can help your business please contact us.

Career and Employment Community Services offers your business job posting services at no cost. Simply complete the form below or contact us directly to post both on our website and in the centres.

Although we make every effort to post reliable job opportunities, Georgian College Career and Employment Community Services cannot be responsible for the accuracy or integrity of job postings.

Please complete our job posting form and submit to us or contact us directly.

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