Canada’s only
changemaker college

Georgian is the first college in Canada designated a changemaker college by Ashoka U for its role as a leader in social innovation and changemaking in higher education. The designation falls under the Changemaker Campus program, which recognizes more than 40 colleges and universities globally that have embedded social innovation and changemaking into their culture, programming and operations.

Think you can change the world? We do too.

At Georgian, we believe small acts can lead to big change. Grassroots efforts can turn into large-scale movements. Ideas can spark innovations that make our communities and planet greener, healthier, safer, stronger and more inclusive.

Changemaking is part of Georgian’s DNA – we’re known for it – and it’s one of the reasons why we’re the only college in Canada designated a changemaker college by Ashoka U. This is the leading designation for social innovation in higher education. Our students, faculty, staff and partners are proof that with drive, inspiration and support, anyone can make a positive difference.

“Social innovation skills focus on developing empathy, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving and prepare students to add value in the world, regardless of whether they innovate within existing organizations or start their own organization.”

Marina Kim
Co-founder and Executive Director of Ashoka U 

Information for students

Georgian offers many opportunities for you to become a changemaker. In and out of the classroom, meet like-minded people who care about improving our communities – one project, one idea, one conversation at a time.

Engage with Georgian’s changemaking hubs

Add something extra to your resumé

We’d love to hear what you get up to. Share your stories on social media using the hashtags #ExperienceGeorgian, #changemakerGC and #MillionsofChangemakers

Group of students in #iseeyou t-shirts; Georgian changemakers posing on first floor of Peter B. Moore Advanced Technology Centre

Take a changemaking course

All Georgian courses include an entrepreneurial or social entrepreneurial outcome and an experiential learning component. You’ll be empowered to put your skills to the test on real-world assignments and projects that have a meaningful impact.

Two students stand beside a display they created of their changemaking project

We also offer changemaking courses you can take any time. For example:

  • GNED1000 – Environmental Concerns
  • GNED1002 – The Social Impact of Technology
  • GNED1010 – Ojibway Language and Culture 1
  • GNED1011 – Developing Leadership
  • GNED1030 – Same-Sex Issues
  • GNED1041 – Ethics and Issues
  • GNED1043 – Exploring Culture
  • GNED1056 – Entrepreneurial Explorations
  • GNED1071 – Indigenous Peoples of Canada
  • GNED1073 – Inventions That Changed/World
  • GNED1074 – Social Change/Entrepreneurship
  • GNED2032 – Human Rights
  • GNED2057 – Contemporary Social Issues
  • GNED2070 – Globalization
  • GNED2071 – Nonprofits in Action
  • GNED2072 – Ecological Citizenship

Become a partner

Together, we can make a difference. Georgian students and faculty can help you find solutions to issues that impact the community, your business or organization.

Collaborate with us to build mutually beneficial partnerships and empower our students to use their education, skills and talents for social good.

Three female changemaking students standing in front of a display of their changemaking project NOURISH

Why partner with Georgian?

  • You want to change the world!
  • Connect with expert faculty and highly motivated students from a wide range of programs who can offer a fresh perspective.
  • You can finally get to that project you’ve been too under-resourced to take on. Let’s tackle it together!

How to get involved

Changemaking in action

Want to learn more about changemaking at the college?


Georgian’s Change Team is comprised of an interdisciplinary, caring and talented group of faculty, staff, students and community members. For more information, please contact:

Suzie Addison-Toor, Change Leader
Director, Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation
705.728.1968, ext. 1396