Register for courses

Georgian’s student information system – where you will register for courses – is called Banner.

Banner Student Information System

How to log in to Banner

  • go to the Banner login page.
  • if this is your first time logging in, your password is your six-digit birth date in the format of YYMMDD
    • for example, if your birthday is March 17, 1964, then your password will be 640317

If you experience problems logging in, email or call 705.728.1968, ext. 1732.

How and when do I reserve my seat?

If you have already paid a deposit for the academic year, you must reserve your seat each semester in order to register for classes.  To do that, go to the “Reserve your seat” item under the “Registration” menu in Banner and indicate your plan to register for courses. Please select the appropriate term.

What happens if I don’t reserve my seat?

You need to reserve your seat to be able to see your registration day and time, and to be able to register for courses. If you don’t reserve by the deadline, you may risk losing your seat in the program. Please refer to the important dates section to view your deadline.

What if I change my mind?

There is no penalty for changing you mind after you reserve your seat. Fees are not assessed to your account until you register by selecting your actual timetable / courses. If you change your mind after you have selected your courses, you would be required to submit a withdrawal form and be subject to the withdrawal / refund policy and deadlines.

How and when do I pay tuition?

To view your invoice, log in to the student portal and view the document hub. Additionally, you can view this amount in Banner web. The best way to pay your fees is online through your banking app. The bill is Georgian College TUITION and your account number is your nine-digit student number.

Reserving your seat:

  • allows you to view your registration window (the date and time you can access registration) on Banner
  • allows you to register for courses within your assigned semester once your registration window opens
  • guarantees you a seat in all of the mandatory courses for that semester and a seat in the required number of program options, general education or communications courses (prior to add/drop opening). We cannot however guarantee space will be available in your preferred timetable, program option, general education or communications courses

Reserving your seat does not:

  • register you into any courses or give you a timetable
  • guarantee you a seat in any courses after the add/drop period begins (see Important dates for the exact date)
  • guarantee you a seat in any courses not attached to your assigned semester as these must be registered for during the add/drop period and are based on space availability at the time you register
  • commit you to attending courses (There is no penalty for reserving a seat and then choosing not to register for courses – once registration [selection of courses] has taken place, a program withdrawal form must be submitted within the first 10 days of the term or full fees will be charged for that term)

Course registration happens at different times for different groups of students based on semester and program. You will be provided with a registration window – a time period in which you may register for your classes – on Banner, Georgian’s student information system.

You will be able to view your registration date and time on Banner after the deposit deadline for that term. At your registration time, you will sign in to your Banner account and register for your classes.

Check Important dates for the first and last day to add or drop courses for a specific semester. Once you register, no changes can be made to your timetable until the add/drop period opens.

If you’ve paid your tuition or deposit (or reserved your seat in terms where a deposit is not required) by the deadline, you’ll be able to register online for your courses using Banner, Georgian’s student information system.

How to register

  • once you have logged in to Banner and are at the main menu, select Registration to view your status or to register
  • select Register for courses
  • you may be prompted to select the term for which you are registering, (for example, fall 2018)
  • if you do not meet registration conditions, you will receive an error message telling you what the problem is and who to contact for assistance; please take note of the entire message as this will help us solve the problem much faster, otherwise, general registration information will appear – select Continue
  • your personal information will be displayed with a request to update if required – select Continue
  • you will be presented with your course selections in a variety of ways (one or more timetables of mandatory courses; one or more timetables of mandatory courses PLUS optional courses; only optional courses) – you may also be presented with Communications courses and/or Gen Ed courses – you may move back and forth between timetables
  • as you view a particular timetable, you’ll notice that the mandatory courses (if any) are selected for you:
    • changing timetables will remove the mandatory selections as well as any other course choices you may have made
    • you can only select from the combinations displayed within each timetable
  • if a timetable is full, proceed to the next one; if all timetables are full or there are no available optional courses, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 705.722.1511 or
  • if the courses displayed do not meet the requirements of your academic progression, please contact your academic area for assistance; a link to academic area contact information is available on the Banner main menu
  • we recommended you select the number of courses indicated; if you choose not to do so, remember that you are responsible for meeting your graduation requirements:
    • remember also that the number of courses you take in a semester will affect your student status, your fees and/or your student loan application
    • if you select more courses than those assigned for your curriculum, additional fees will be charged
    • if you choose to take courses out of sequence resulting in a lesser course load one semester and an increased course load in another, additional fees will be charged in the overload semester
  • once you have selected the courses you require, click Submit to register – you will be advised if there are registration problems:
    • you cannot go back to change your selections once you have completed this step and must wait for the add/drop period to make changes or add to your schedule
  • if you have been unsuccessful at registering for the courses you need, you may wish to contact your academic advisor for assistance; otherwise, to change courses or sections, you must wait until the add/drop period:
  • you are responsible for checking your account balance and paying for your fees in full by the payment due date (see Important dates):
    • fees may be adjusted until the end of the add/drop period based on your course registrations
    • it is therefore advisable that you check your account balance prior to classes starting and after the add/drop period

Need help with your student systems?

Join a student systems support hub session. Conducted via WebEx, these sessions will show you how to access, navigate and utilize your student systems (Banner, Blackboard and MyPath).


  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10 to 11 a.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 2 to 3 p.m.

How to join a session:

  • Join the WebEx meeting online during one of the sessions listed above
  • Alternatively, you can call 1.416.915.6530 using 649 911 244 as the access code to listen and participate in the discussion
Get Help Navigating your Student Systems
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Important reminders

  • you must pay a non-refundable deposit once per academic year:
    • everyone pays a deposit in the fall term; if you are not here in the fall, you pay a deposit in the winter and if you are not here in the fall or winter, you pay a deposit in the summer
    • a deposit is also required any time you change to a new program – even if you have paid one in the previous term.
  • full fees are due on the eleventh day of the term:
    • any fees received after the fee deadline will be subject to a late fee surcharge of $150, which will be added to your balance
  • we cannot accept in-person payments once the term has started:
    • you will need to pay through your bank on these days – this is our preferred method of payment at other times also
  • it is your responsibility to be aware of graduation requirements for your program, including prerequisites and corequisites
  • you can check your graduation eligibility by using the “Mypath Academic Planning” tool on the Student Portal, (under Academics) at any time during your studies
  • check your timetable prior to classes starting to ensure that you are still eligible for your courses and that the courses you’ve chosen had sufficient enrolment to run; if you’ve failed a prerequisite course, you’ll automatically be removed from ineligible courses
  • check your “account summary” on Banner and ensure there are no unexpected charges or adjustments on your account and your balance is paid in full by the deadline
  • dates and times listed in Banner are subject to change – please check on a regular basis