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What are tuition and ancillary fees?

Tuition fees: Fees charged to students representing their contribution towards the operating and capital costs of the academic program delivery and general overhead for the institution. Tuition is the cost associated with delivering programs to students.

Ancillary fees: Fees charged over and above the cost of tuition, which support services and activities distinct from academic programming for the institution.

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What is the Student Choice Initiative?

Effective 2019-20, the MTCU required the implementation of transparency and student choice at each institution known as the Student Choice Initiative. This included a review and itemized listing of all existing ancillary fees and the creation of new categories: Compulsory and Optional fees. Compulsory fees may be charged on a mandatory basis, while optional fees are not compulsory and give students the choice to pay for additional services.

Student Choice Initiative FAQ

2019-2020 Full-time Program Fees

Below is the full-time student fee schedule for tuition and ancillary fees for 2019-2020.

2019-20 Georgian College Full-time Program Fees (PDF)

Full-time vs Part-time Student Status


Students are considered full-time in any semester when they are enrolled in at least 70 per cent of that semester’s course hours (which is usually 13 hours of a total of 18 hours per week) or 66.6 per cent of that semester’s program course load (which is typically four of a total of six courses). Exempt, audit and withdrawn courses are not considered in the determination of course load for full-time status but may result in full-time fees being assessed. Please check the “recommended courses by term” available on Banner to ensure you are not missing any required courses.

Note: Any missed course in any semester may drop a student’s status to part-time. This may have OSAP, course accessibility, immigration and scholarship implications. Courses picked up in subsequent terms may also have fee implications. Students are advised to contact the Office of the Registrar or the Financial Aid office for more information.

Part-time (credit)

Part-time students are permitted to register in credit courses provided space is available and the student meets program and course requirements. Typically, International students are not permitted to be registered part-time due to immigration regulations. Contact the International Centre for more information.

Credit course overload 

Students may wish to take extra credit courses in addition to a full-time course load for a semester. The implications of this overload should be discussed with the program co-ordinator. Students will be required to pay additional fees for these overload courses.

Ancillary fees

2019-20 Compulsory (Essential Fees)

A compulsory or essential fee is charged to your student account automatically after you register for courses. You do not have the choice to opt out of paying these fees. See below for a description of these fees.

Academic Support

Applied to services such as peer tutoring or improving writing skills that are not provided through academic program delivery and are not funded by government operating or capital grants. Technology that provides academic support is also included in this category.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Peer services
  • Writing centres
  • Math centres
  • Transition services
  • Student Advisors
  • Testing services
  • Co-curricular record

Full-time fee: $57.91 per term
Part-time fee: $0.25 per hour

Athletics and Recreation

Applied to costs associated with athletics, recreation and fitness.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Varsity sports teams (Barrie Campus only)
  • Campus recreation programs
  • Cultural sporting events
  • Fitness memberships
  • Fitness and well being programming
  • Intramural sports
  • Facilities and equipment

Barrie Campus fee: $108.59 per term
Orillia Campus fee: $108.36 per term
Owen Sound Campus fee: $100.30 per term
Midland, Muskoka, Orangeville and South Georgian Bay Campuses fee: $91.32 per term
Part-time fee: $0.47 per hour

*Costs vary by campus based on service level available to students

Campus Safety

Fees that support programs and services that promote on-campus safety, including the prevention of sexual violence and walk safe programs.

Full-time fee: $7.35 per term
Part-time fee: $0.03 per hour

Career Services

Fees to support career related services.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Career counselling
  • Information sessions
  • Job fairs
  • Job boards

Full-time fee: $15.00 per term
Part-time fee: $0.07 per hour

Education Technology

Offsets the cost of a number of enhanced technology initiatives that directly benefit students, including software and hardware upgrades in student computer labs, the establishment of high-tech classrooms, internet access and an Open Learning Centre for students.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Network access and support
  • Multimedia classrooms
  • Software licensing
  • Academic workshops
  • Media services equipment loaning
  • Student systems support officer
  • Computer hardware

Full-time fee: $98.00 per term
Part-time fee: $0.43 per hour

Health and Counselling

Access to mental health counsellors on-campus and/or virtually, as well as access to other health services noted below.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Food locker
  • Cultural/inclusion activities
  • Counselling and mental health services
  • Health services (vaccine, clinics, etc.)

Full-time fee: $48.55 per term
Part-time fee: $0.21 per hour

Health and Dental Plans

Health and dental plans were approved by student referendum and as a result are now a requirement of your enrolment at Georgian College through your membership in the Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA). The Plans provide protection and security for eligible students, minimizing the effects of injury or ailments. If you have appropriate alternate health and dental coverage you may opt-out of this service. To opt out, please visit GCSA’s web page.

Full-time fee: $220.00 paid once per academic year

Student Achievement and Records

Fees related to administrative costs of producing documents of student achievement and convocation.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Venue
  • Decor and staging
  • Catering
  • AV/streaming
  • Ceremony logistics
  • Regalia
  • Printing (programs/credentials)

Full-time fee: $30.59 paid once per program

Student Building

Fees that support spaces and facilities that host student activities and services which are not supported through government operation funding and capital grants.

Barrie Campus fee: $95.39 per term
Orillia Campus fee: $90.17 per term
Owen Sound Campus fee$83.89 per term
Part-time fee: $0.42 per hour

*only applicable to Barrie, Orillia and Owen Sound Campuses

Student ID Cards (ONEcard)

ONEcard is the official Georgian College identification card. Features extend far beyond a simple ID – it’s your student card, library card, athletic centre pass, bus pass, and a convenient method of payment for select vendors and services both on and off campus – all in one! It also allows for more variety and convenience than a traditional meal plan.

Full-time fee: $10.69 per term
Part-time fee: $0.05 per hour

Student Transit Passes

The City of Barrie will provide all Georgian College full-time credit students at the Barrie Campus with unlimited access to the city transit system including their accessible transit during semesters that students are enrolled in classes.

Barrie Campus fee: $86.00 per term
*applicable to Barrie Campus only

Optional (Non-Essential) Student Ancillary Fees

An optional or non-essential fee is a fee that is charged to your student account only if you select it during or after registration up until the 10th day of classes. See below for a description of these fees.


Provides graduates with a lifetime membership in the Georgian College Alumni Association.  Non-refundable to non-graduates. Payment of this fee constitutes consent for the Alumni Association and its partners to contact you after graduation about reunions, postgraduate programs, special college events, exclusive discounts on services and key news about Georgian College. You may opt out of this communication at any time.

Optional fee: $54.51 one time fee


To supplement the costs associated with club or association membership and/or participation. For details regarding applicable clubs, please visit your campus GCSA or their web page GCSA Clubs

Optional fee: $5.00

College Student Alliance

This fee is administered by the Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) to provide students with membership in the College Student Alliance.

Owen Sound Campus fee: $3.00 per term
*Applicable to the Owen Sound Campus only

Social Events

To supplement the costs associated with GCSA hosted special events and social activities.

Optional fee: $10.00

Social Innovation

To provide access to enhanced technology and learning materials, giving students skills, knowledge and tools to develop a business plan/community strategy; also provides experiential learning.

Barrie and Orillia Campuses fee: $25.00 per term
*Applicable to Barrie and Orillia Campuses only

Tuition reduction for students with disabilities

Any student with a permanent disability who requires a reduced course load as a learning accommodation may be eligible for a reduction in tuition fees. If additional semesters are required to complete a program, tuition will be reduced to $20 per course, provided the student has paid the equivalent in tuition fees assessed for the entire duration of the program. Full ancillary fees are still applicable. This reduction is applied at the end of the student’s final term. For more information, please contact your Accessibility Advisor.

International students are not eligible for the tuition reductions as they are not funded by the Ontario government. International students are able to access all of the student support services in order to support their opportunity for success.


What is Student Choice Initiative (SCI)?

Effective 2019-20, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities required the implementation of transparency and student choice at each institution known as the Student Choice Initiative. This included a review and itemized listing of all existing ancillary fees and the creation of new categories: compulsory and optional fees. Compulsory fees may be charged on a mandatory basis, while optional fees are not compulsory and give students the choice to pay for additional services.

Does Student Choice Initiative apply to me?

The Student Choice Initiative applies to all Canadian and international undergraduate, diploma, certificate students, and applies to full-time and part-time students across all Georgian College campuses.

How do I choose my optional services?

You may choose your optional services through Banner, which is accessed through the student portal at the time of registration each term.  For an instructional video click here.

  1. Sign in to the Student Portal from the Georgian College webpage
  2. Select Banner from “My Quick Links
  3. Click the Registration tab
  4. Click Register For Courses and go through the registration process OR click Optional Fee Selection to choose your optional fees prior to your registration date
  5. Select which services you would like, if any
  6. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page

You will see which optional service fees were selected, if any were chosen, and be given the option to print the page. Your selections will also appear in your account summary in Banner once you have registered.

Why would I want to pay for services?

Although you are not required to choose any of the optional fees, they support programs and services that benefit you. They also allow you to get involved at Georgian, adding to Georgian’s campus culture and your student experience. For more information on what these fees support and the services offered visit the Georgian College Webpage under finance and fees.

When is the deadline to select my optional services?

The deadline to select optional services is the 10th day of each academic semester. All deadlines are posted in the important dates on the Georgian College website.

Can I change my selections after I submit them?

If you would like to make changes to your selections, you can do so in Banner, any time before the deadline by clicking “Optional Fee Selection”. After the deadline, your selections cannot be revised for the semester and you will have to wait for the following term to adjust your selections. Your bill for the semester will include all compulsory fees and your selected optional fees.

Are there any fees I cannot choose? Are any fees mandatory?

You cannot choose compulsory/ essential fees. These essential fees ensure the safety of the campus and provide academic support and services to students. Below is a quick reference list of compulsory fees. You may also find a full description of all fees on the Georgian College Webpage under finance and fees.

  • Academic Support
  • Athletic and Recreation
  • Campus Safety
  • Career Services
  • Education Technology
  • Health and Counselling
  • Health and Dental Plans
  • Student Achievement and Records
  • Student Building
  • Student ID Cards (ONEcard)
  • Student Transit Passes

If I have any questions about SCI, who would I contact?

If you have any questions about the Student Choice Initiative, please email the Office of the Registrar. You may also stop by in person. We are located at the Barrie campus, 1st Floor C Building.