Office of Academic Quality

The Office of Academic Quality

The Office of Academic Quality (OAQ) acts as a centralized point of contact and service related to all curriculum quality assurance processes across the college. OAQ helps to facilitate continuous quality improvement by overseeing academic policy, and ensuring that changes at any credential level are embedded and operationalized in all related processes and procedures.

In supporting student success, OAQ:

  • ties curriculum to Ministry guidelines and standards
  • provides curriculum support and resources to academic areas
  • oversees and facilitates all curriculum processes
  • enables evidence-based curriculum decision-making
  • acts as a link between the academic areas and relevant stakeholders

Our team

The Office of Academic Quality (OAQ) can provide a number of resources with regard to curriculum development and design, work with program teams on curriculum development, and assist with answers to questions about the Curriculum Information Management system (CIM), approvals, deadlines and more.

Name Title Email Phone Ext.
Helen Pearce Dean, Liberal Arts, Academic Quality, Teaching and Learning 1811
Mary Jagert Assistant to the Dean 1814
Sara Barnes Academic Quality Lead, Diploma and Certificate programs 1850
Nancy Noldy-MacLean Academic Quality Lead, Degree programs 1757
Angela Aujla Curriculum Advisor 5326
Tamara Fisher-Cullen Curriculum Advisor 1216
Lori McPhee Manager, Curriculum Processes 1261
Bonnie Lee Clarke Curriculum Support Specialist 1701
TBD Curriculum Support Officer tbd

Our vision

A culture of academic excellence through continuous quality improvement.

Our mission

To enhance and implement comprehensive academic policies and curriculum processes that inspire best practices and contribute to the quality of the educational experience.

Our values

  • collaboration
  • accessibility
  • innovation
  • transparency
  • accountability

College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP)

CQAAP information

Georgian Quality Framework

Quality Assurance Framework Quality Assurance Network Integrated Planning and Stakeholder Consultation