Program Renewal

Program renewal is a comprehensive, collaborative quality assurance process that occurs every five years as mandated by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) in the Minister’s Binding Policy Directive: Framework for Programs of Instruction. It allows program teams to critically analyze their program and to make changes in the interest of academic quality and program sustainability.

This website is designed to help curriculum teams clarify the process and access the resources and supports necessary to formally renew a program.

Essential Deadlines

Program renewals are typically conducted in the winter semester, with a goal of being approved at Academic Council (AC) no later than June of the academic year. Below are essential deadlines:

  • June: Academic Council approval (Diploma/Certificate)
  • June: Revised program information submission to Marketing
  • September: Updated program information submission to
  • Following September: revised program launch for most programs

Contacts for Support

For assistance with any part of the five-year program renewal process, please contact the following members of the Office of Academic Quality:

Name Title Contact
Sara Barnes Academic Quality Lead, Diploma and Certificate programs
Nancy Noldy-MacLean Academic Quality Lead, Degree programs
Heather Raikou Academic Quality Officer
Lori McPhee Office Manager
Bonnie Lee Clarke Curriculum Support Specialist