All Georgian College students with disabilities are eligible for accommodations and support services.

Once accepted to Georgian, we recommend that students meet with an accessibility advisor to learn about available accommodations and services (see section 2.16 of Admission policies). To make an appointment or for further information on the process, please contact Student Success.

For their first appointment, students should bring all documentation (provided by a qualified health care professional such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or general practitioner who knows the individual well) pertaining to their disability. Supplementary information, an IEP from high school for example, can also be helpful.

Accessibility advisors evaluate documentation, co-ordinate accommodations, access and supports, and provide referrals to adaptive technologists, counselling, and peer services.

Many students don’t realize that they may have a disability and therefore never identify themselves. To benefit from the services offered, and if you think that you may have a disability, make an appointment with an accessibility advisor.

For more information, contact Student Success.

For information regarding accessibility standards and plans for Georgian College, visit our accessibility standards page.

Student Success provides accommodations and services for students with permanent and short-term disabilities.

Accommodation and services may include:

  • referral for up-to-date educational and psychological assessments
  • individual education plans
  • tutoring
  • study skills
  • training in the use of specialized computer technology
  • advice and mentoring
  • classroom and test accommodations

If you are a student with a disability and would like to register for accessibility services, please contact Student Success.

If you have registered with Student Success and do not need changes made to your letter of accommodation, you can request copies of your letter of accommodation by completing this Accommodation request form and bringing it to Student Success.

Requesting accommodations

Full-time or part-time students must register with Student Success by booking an appointment with an accessibility advisor.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Every student, including those students who have long term physical or medical disabilities, must provide confirmation of disability. This may be in the form of a psychoeducational assessment* or a completed medical information request form from the appropriate regulated health care professional.

Students with hearing impairments would be required to provide Georgian College with and audiologist report. Students with visual impairments would be required to provide Georgian College with a report from their optometrist, ophthalmologist or vision specialist.

* Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, students are not required to disclose a specific diagnosis to access accommodations, a confirmation that a disability exists is all that is required.

Who will know I have a disability

When you register with our office we maintain any information in our secure case management database which is password protected. Only staff that need to work with this information are given access to it. We will provide your faculty with copies of your letters of accommodations so they are able to provide the accommodations you require. Your academic record will not identify in any way that you received academic accommodations.

Retroactive accommodations

Retroactive accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you believe you should receive a retroactive accommodation, please contact Student Success and request an appointment with an accessibility advisor to discuss you request.

For students with documented disability

Designed to:

  • assist with transition into postsecondary education
  • develop academic and learning strategy skills
  • experience campus life
  • earn a college credit and reduce fall semester requirements
  • access all support services available including:
    • computer labs
    • counsellors
    • accessibility advisors
    • career consultants
    • Testing Services

The next Lifestyle Management course begins on July 8, 2019 and runs throughout the summer.

Learn more about the course

Amanda Fournier Award for Women with Disabilities Demonstrating Perseverance, Commitment and Humanity (51272)

Begin Accepting Applications Date: 09/29/2017
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone): 1/28/2018 11:30 PM

Presented to a female student in any level of study who is enrolled in any program at Georgian’s Barrie Campus who has a documented disability and demonstrates perseverance, commitment and humanity in her life. Applicants must clearly outline their goals, what their disability is, why they should receive the award and how they have demonstrated perseverance, commitment and humanity in their own life, not solely through their studies. Be prepared to provide:

  • a completed application (and consent form)
  • a tailored cover letter

Contact information


  • phone 705.722.1523 or drop by Room B110 (Founder’s Building)
  • evening appointments available Monday to Thursday each week during fall and winter semester


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Owen Sound

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South Georgian Bay

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