Student success advising

School is hard sometimes. The transition to college life can be tricky. But learning better, feeling better and doing better is possible.

Student success advisors are here to support Georgian students to build skills and create connections, so you can flourish while you’re here at Georgian.


This page provides an overview of the many topics a student success advisor can support Georgian students with.

Current students: Please visit the student portal for more information.

Learning online

Wondering how you can be successful learning online?

Group work

Not a fan of group work? Learn how to set yourself and your group up for success!

Time management​​​​​​​

Need help getting organized? Are you feeling overwhelmed?


Have an assignment coming up and not sure where to start?

Reading and taking notes

Do you have trouble remember what you’re reading? Are your notes hard to read?

Presentation skills

Does the thought of presenting make you feel nervous?

Writing a test

Not sure how to study for an upcoming test? Does the thought of taking a test stress you out?

Stress management

Feeling stressed?

Goal setting

Want to get the most from your time with Georgian? Consider your academic and personal goals.

Bouncing back

Hit a rough patch? Need to make a plan for  moving forward?

Contact information

Current students can schedule an appointment with their advisor on the student portal.

Services are available by appointment Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., both in person and remotely.

Student experience and student success advising research findings

Findings from the thematic analysis include the following four themes: Experience with the advisor, reasons for seeking support, the thriving pillars, and areas that can approve.

Overall, participants’ experiences with their student success advisor were positive. For example, with respect to reasons for seeking support, students shared that they reached out for support when feeling disorganized or overwhelmed during the first year of study. Participants also said that their student success advisor was supportive with respect to Laurie Schreiner’s thriving pillars, including academic determination, engaged learning, positive perspective, social connectedness, and diverse citizenship, though to varying degrees. Finally, students noted areas of improvement for future student success advising best practices.

A sincere thank you to research participants.

This research was approved by the Georgian College Research Ethics Board and was funded through a Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Grant.