Student advising

Sometimes the transition to college life can be tricky, so we’re here to help. There are many services and supports available to you at Georgian.

Student Advisors:

  1. help students build both academic and personal resilience so that they can flourish at Georgian and beyond;
  2. provide individual, group and web-based advising sessions; and
  3. are housed within the academic areas.
A female student on the computer with a female student advisor beside her

What is academic resilience?

  • Good academic outcomes despite adversity
  • Ability to effectively deal with setbacks, stress or pressure in the academic setting

Examples of tools/interventions used to promote academic resilience

  • Creating collaborative academic success plans linking students to campus supports
  • Supporting students to navigate academic tools, platforms, policies, procedures and processes
    • Add/drop, academic misconduct policies and procedures, suspensions, My Path, Banner
  • Supporting students to develop study skills including test taking and time management
  • Engaging in open conversations by asking open-ended questions that allow students to own their experiences and identify opportunities to change
  • Assist students in identifying their own strengths through various tools and discussion

What is personal resilience?

  • Ability to remain productive and positive when faced with stress, uncertainty and change
  • Capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

Examples of tools/interventions used to promote personal resilience

  • Supporting students in building a sense of meaning and purpose at the college
  • Supporting students to build their capacity to manage stress and re-frame setbacks
  • Empathize with and affirm the student’s situation
  • Engage in discussion and support the creation of goal setting
  • Referrals to counselling services

Connect with the advising team

Our support will be provided virtually, by telephone or through video conferencing. Please indicate your preference when booking. Only under exceptional circumstances will appointments be in person.

To book an appointment, visit the student portal.

Once logged in, you will find the option in the top left-hand corner. It will populate with the times your student success advisor is available to meet.

If you have any difficulties booking an appointment through your student portal, please email