A group of students checking into the Georgian College Athletics Centre using their ONEcards


ONEcard is the official Georgian College identification card. Features extend far beyond a simple ID; it’s your student card, library card, print card, athletic centre pass, bus pass, Tech on the GO pass, and a convenient method of payment for select vendors and services both on and off campus – all in one! It also allows for more variety and convenience than a traditional meal plan.

What is ONEcard?

In addition to being your student ID, your ONEcard uses flex dollars which work on a declining balance system. Every time a purchase is made, the amount is subtracted from your balance. You never have to worry about transaction fees or limits and your balance never expires while it’s in use. It also saves you the hassle of carrying around bulky cash and coins.

The ONEcard is also used for gaining access to services* and events, such as:

Use it as a secure method of payment at participating stores and restaurants, on and off campus

Use it to track your spending and manage your budget

*Access to services is dependent on availability at your individual campus.

Icons of services offered by ONEcard

What information is on a ONEcard?

Your ONEcard contains the following information:

  • Chosen/preferred first name
  • Last name
  • Photo
  • Student number

You can update your chosen first name by contacting ONEcard@georgiancollege.ca.

To update your legal first name or last name, please contact registrar@georgiancollege.ca.

Please note: The preview of your ONEcard displayed when uploading your photo will show your legal first name, but your ONEcard will be issued with your chosen first name.

Photo of a ONEcard with explanation on what information it contains: chosen/preferred name, last name, passport-style photo, and student number.

How to get your ONEcard

New students

Upload your photo

1. Submit your photo and government issued photo ID online. Acceptable pieces of ID include a passport, Canadian driver’s licence, Canadian health card with photo, or a provincial photo ID card.

2. Check your Georgian College email account and follow the steps in the email you receive.

  • If you received a rejection email, please submit a different photo that meets all of our requirements.
  • If your photo was approved, hang tight while we activate your card.

3. Download the app. Once we have activated your digital ONEcard, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes information on how to download the app and login.

4. Request your plastic card. Your plastic ONEcard is your key to accessing essential on-campus resources. Be sure to request yours as soon as you’ve registered for your classes and remember to bring a piece of government issued photo ID with you when you go to pick up your card.

Sample photos of appropriate and inappropriate images to use on your ONEcard
How to upload your ONEcard photo
Sample image of SSO error message
If you get this error message when clicking the Upload Your Photo button, please open a private/incognito window on your browser, then visit GeorgianCollege.ca/ONEcard and try again.

Request your plastic ONEcard

Sample of Georgian College ONEcard with man smiling.

If you’d like to request your first plastic ONEcard, please complete the form below. Make sure you’ve already uploaded an approved ONEcard photo before completing the form.

Only students who are currently registered in classes are eligible to request a plastic card. You’ll be notified of how you’ll receive your ONEcard once it is ready.

If you’ve lost your ONEcard and need to request a replacement, please contact ONEcard@georgiancollege.ca.

When picking up your plastic card, don’t forget to bring a physical copy of your government issued photo ID with you. Accepted pieces of ID include:

  • Canadian driver’s licence
  • Canadian health card
  • Ontario photo ID card
  • Passport from any country
  • Your digital ONEcard

Current and returning students

Replace a lost ONEcard

If you’ve lost your card, please visit the Office of the Registrar at your campus to purchase a replacement. If your campus doesn’t have an Office of the Registrar, please email ONEcard@georgiancollege.ca for assistance. A replacement fee of $10.80 will apply.

New ONEcard photo

If you’d like a new photo, please contact ONEcard@georgiancollege.ca for assistance. *Fees may apply.

Activate or deactivate your ONEcard

To deactivate your card, log in to your ONEcard account and click Account > Activate/Deactivate.

Account management

Watch the video for information on how to:

  • check your balance
  • view transactions
  • deactivate your ONEcard if it has been lost or stolen
  • activate or reactivate your ONEcard
ONEcard account management

How to load money on your ONEcard

Please see the use and ownership page for the complete terms and conditions, as well as the refund policy.

Real-time options

In person

Georgian Stores at the Barrie and Owen Sound campuses accept cash, debit or credit card payments to add funds to your ONEcard account.


Using a credit card or visa-debit, students, family and friends can conveniently add money anytime through our website. This money will immediately be applied to the student’s ONEcard. All you need is a student number. You can load up to $2,000 per transaction, but there is no limit to how much money you can have on your card at one time. See the helpful guides below.

For students:

Log in to your account using your Georgian College student number and password. If this is your first time logging on, your password will be in your confirmation letter or letter of acceptance.

Next, select Add Cash from the upper-right-hand menu. You’ll be able to enter the amount you want to deposit, then you’ll be taken to the payment screen where you can enter your credit card or visa-debit information.

You’ll receive a receipt at the email address you entered at the beginning of the transaction. The default account is your student email address.

For family, friends and supporters:

Go to the supporters’ log on web page, enter the student’s Georgian ID number and the first three letters of their surname, then select Log On.

Next, enter the email address where you’d like to receive the receipt when the transaction is finished. You can then enter the amount you wish to send and a note to go along with it. You can also select the box next to Notify the cardholder to send the student an email letting them know that money has been added to their account.

You’ll then be able to confirm your total and enter your card information.

Other ways to load money onto ONEcard

Through online banking

You can also add funds through online banking. Simply log into your online bank account and add Georgian College – ONEcard as a payee. The account number is the Georgian student number. It’s as easy as paying your bills online. Please allow a maximum of two to three business days for processing. For a list of participating banks, please see below.

Bank of Montreal Logo
Bank of Montreal (BMO)
Central 1 Credit Union Logo
Central 1 Credit Union
National Bank of Canada Logo
National Bank of Canada
Royal Bank of Canada Logo
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Scotia Bank Logo

Information for parents and supporters

ONEcard offers you the opportunity to help support students from the comfort of your home. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that the money you provide can only be spent by the student you’re supporting at one of our authorized partners. The ONEcard also provides more variety and convenience than traditional meal plans.

Students can access their account to view their financial statements, card balance and transaction history.

The ONEcard cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, prepaid credit/gift cards, postal services, lottery tickets or cannabis products. Cash withdrawals are not permitted. Please see the use and ownership page for the complete terms and conditions, as well as the refund policy.

Meal plan recommendations

Eating stylePlan detailsAmountAverage/day
Feeling snackyFor those who commute or cook a lot of their own meals$500$6.50/day
Occasional eaterFor those who may purchase about one meal per day$1,000$13/day
Don’t want to be hangryFor those who will get a large number of their meals at our vendors$2,500$33/day
Let’s do thisFor those with a healthy appetite or who prefer to let others take care of the cooking and dishes$3,000$40/day

The above amounts are recommendations only and allow you to try to estimate how much money you may want to load onto your ONEcard. Load as much or as little as you’d like*. You can top up as frequently as you need to and your balance always rolls forward to the next semester.

*Note, when loading funds using a credit card, there is a $1 minimum and a $2,000 maximum per transaction. However, you can load using as many transactions as you’d like.

Purchasing text books

Avoid the hassle of multiple trips to the bookstore due to daily transaction limits on debit and credit cards. Instead, pre-load your ONEcard and get it all done at once.

Please note: The ONEcard can only be used for in-store purchases and is not available for use when purchasing text books online.

Contact us

Georgian College ONEcard

Registrar’s Office
Student Services Centre
Barrie Campus

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 705.722.5191
Email: ONEcard@georgiancollege.ca