Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning facilitates academic professional development (PD) with emphasis on the quality of the student learning experience and support for those experiences both in and outside the classroom. Our focus is on internal and external PD that leads to improved student learning through improved teaching and learning practices, systems, and support.

Our Vision

To inspire excellence by igniting curiosity, connecting communities and supporting bravery at the leading edge of teaching and learning.


This is used as a short to medium term solution when interruption of face to face class delivery occurs and the only option to continue delivery is through remote means.  It is an alternate delivery mode that uses synchronous and asynchronous technologies to best meet the learning outcomes. Facilitating a course remotely in this manner helps provide continuity in the curriculum however it is not intended to replace the level of robust online course delivery that occurs when courses have been developed using a comprehensive on-line course development process. The goal is to complete teaching and learning of the course learning outcomes through a variety of remote techniques leveraging Blackboard and other technologies (e.g., WebEx, Screencast, etc.) as much as possible. The understanding is that courses taught in this manner will eventually return to the delivery model for which the courses were designed.

An instructional delivery format where all material, interactions and learning occurs in a virtual (not face-to-face, with the use of technology) format.  Effective online teaching and learning requires careful instructional design and planning, using a systematic model for design and development. At Georgian College, participation in the intense Online Course Development Program (OCDP) supports faculty in the effective execution and delivery for online learning following the Quality Matters requirements. Online learning development occurs when a course is planned for this delivery well in advance and the intent is for the course to be consistently delivered in this manner.

An instructional delivery format which blends online and face-to-face teaching and learning strategies, where learning occurs in a combination of online and face to-face environments. Learning facilitation in online and hybrid environments requires appropriate and specific knowledge and skills to design, develop, and facilitate high quality learning that mirrors or runs parallel with learning experienced in face-to-face teaching environments.

New Teaching and Learning Professional Development

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has been busy prepping for Interterm and S2020 professional development. If you are new to Post-Secondary teaching, new to online teaching, or hoping to continue to polish your practice, we’ve got choices. For a quick video on how you might decide your professional development path over the next few months, click here.

Please check out the options below and, for more information or for help registering, connect with Debora Moore.

PD Paths for Spring20 PD pathways for faculty new to remote teaching PD pathways for faculty with some experience with remote teaching


Check out the many other support/training sessions that we are offering below.

Ongoing workshop series

This 4 week series is completely online

The overall goal of this series is to guide you through the process of designing and developing a remote course, and to support you in developing confidence as facilitators of remote learning at a beginner level.

This series has four modules with readings and activities to work through asynchronously each week. You will have 1 week to complete each module at whatever time works for you. We will also be offering optional drop in sessions for discussion and Q&A on Tuesdays 2:30-4:30pm and Fridays 9-11am.

  • Module 1 An Overview of Remote Teaching and Your Role (Tuesday May 19th – Sunday May 24th)
  • Module 2: Building Your Course (Monday May 25th – Sunday may 31st)
  • Module 3: Preparing for Semester Start (Monday June 1st – Sunday June 7th)
  • Module 4: What to do During the Semester (Monday June 8th – Sunday June 14th)

You will have weekly assignments, tasks, and readings in a Blackboard shell where you are assigned a student role. You will also be directed to build components within your course shell that you are teaching in the upcoming remote semester. Any questions on course content, please contact Amy Goruk.

Halogen registration link:  https://global.hgncloud.com/georgiancollege/link?id=108460

If you need assistance with registration, please contact Deb Moore.

This six-part series of workshops, has been designed to help faculty continue to explore their teaching and learning practice with a particular lens on foundational principles of our profession and on connecting with our peers across disciplines in order to build our teaching community. It is suitable for faculty at any stage of their career and will offer faculty opportunities to connect with other teachers and increase skills and knowledge related to post-secondary teaching and learning.

Through participation in these sessions, faculty will have the opportunity to:

  • Examine and apply principles of teaching and learning;
  • Share ideas and strategies across disciplines;
  • Interact with peers to discuss teaching practice;
  • Gain information on support resources for teaching; and,
  • Connect with the Georgian College community.

Sessions within the series include:

Post-Secondary Teaching and Learning

Planning Instruction

Active Learning Strategies

Intro to Post-Secondary Assessment

Designing Meaningful Assignments

Faculty Evaluations and Continuous Growth


For assistance in registering, please contact Deb Moore. We look forward to building your foundation with you!

GC3 free person, green

Join us for GC@3 – an opportunity to pause, connect, and keep grounded during this difficult time.

Come as you are, wherever you are. Pop in on your own. Invite your class. Bring your team or a family member. It will be a quiet opportunity to reflect, be, share space, and just breathe.

Participating is easy – join us via Webex, mute your audio, please turn your personal video off , and settle into a space that’s comfortable for you.

The virtual door closes at 3 p.m. so make sure you’re there a little early.

Come every day or just on the days that work for you.

All are welcome!

Workshop Schedule

10:00-11:00am  Using Akindi for Multiple Choice/True or False Assessments   

Greg Rodrigo’s Personal Room  




Adding Interactive Elements to Bb Using H5P 



Greg Rodrigo’s Personal Room  



1:00-2:00pm  Poll Everywhere 2.0 – Blackboard Grade Integration   

Bert Slessor’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/bert.slessor


2:00-3:00pm  Turnitin Tips   

Bert Slessor’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/bert.slessor 


2:00-4:00pm  Ed Tech Drop-In (WebEx, H5P, Explain Everything, Akindi, etc)   

Greg Rodrigo’s Personal Room  



10:00-11:00am   How to Help: Supporting Student Mental Health   

Jennifer Lloyd’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/join/jennifer.lloyd 


10:00-11:30am  Introduction to Microsoft Teams   

Join Alissa Bigelow’s Microsoft Teams Meeting 


10:00am-12:00pm  Ed Tech Drop-In (WebEx, H5P, Explain Everything, Akindi, etc)   

Greg Rodrigo’s Personal Room  



1:00-2:00pm  Using Akindi for Multiple Choice/True or False Assessments   

Greg Rodrigo’s Personal Room  



2:00-4:00pm  H5P Community of Practice   

Greg Rodrigo’s Personal Room  



2:00-3:00pm  Blackboard/H5P/Webex, etc. Questions (drop-in)   

Anthony Tilotta’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/anthony.tilotta 






Blackboard 101 



Matt Garwood’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/matt.garwood 



Screencast-o-matic 1.0: Creating dynamic videos 



Join Alissa Bigelow’s Microsoft Teams Meeting 


11:00am-12:00pm  Intro to MS Forms   

Bert Slessor’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/bert.slessor 


11:00am-12:00pm  Poll Everywhere 2.0 – Blackboard Grade Integration   

Bert Slessor’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/bert.slessor 


11:00am-12:00pm  Blackboard/H5P/Webex, etc. Questions (drop-in)   

Anthony Tilotta’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/anthony.tilotta 


6:00-7:00pm  Using OneDrive with Blackboard   

Anthony Tilotta’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/anthony.tilotta 


6:00-7:30pm  Screencast-o-matic 1.0: Creating dynamic Screencasts   

Join Alissa Bigelow’s Microsoft Teams Meeting 


6:30-7:30pm  Ed-Tech Drop-in (Blackboard, SOM, Turnitin, Forms, PollEv, Flipgrid, etc.)   

Bert Slessor’s Personal Room https://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/bert.slessor 


9:30-11:00am  Introduction to Microsoft Teams   

Join Alissa Bigelow’s Microsoft Teams Meeting 



Blackboard/H5P/Webex, etc. Questions (drop-in) 



Anthony Tilotta’s Personal Roomhttps://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/anthony.tilotta 


11:00am-12:00pm  Intro toFlipgrid   

Bert Slessor’s Personal Roomhttps://georgiancollege.webex.com/meet/bert.slessor 


Due to the number of workshops we are offering to help you prepare for the pivot to remote teaching and the upcoming Spring Inter-term session, we have added all workshops for each day into one calendar item. Please double click the calendar appointment to see a full list with times and WebEx links for each day. If you have any questions please contact Debora Moore. Thank you!

Academic Continuity Resources and Support

Plan, Adapt, Communicate

Can’t make it to a WebEx support sessions this weekend? Check out our Plan, Adapt, Communicate page! It contains all you need to know to help you”Keep Teaching in Times of Disruption.” Do you have questions but aren’t sure who to talk to? Our Team tab at the bottom of this page has a list of the CTL team. Feel free to reach out to anyone. We’re here to help!

Student Remote Learning Kit

The Student Remote Learning Kit has been assembled to help students be successful in a remote learning environment. It contains links to resources for remote learning and other Georgian College supports and services. Please feel free to visit this page and post a link to it within your Blackboard courses.

WebEx Support
Login, create meetings, record, share

WebEx meeting is an online meeting that allows you to virtually meet with other people, without leaving your home or office. WebEx meetings require a computer with Internet access and a separate phone line.  By logging into the meeting via the Internet, you will be able to see the presenter’s computer screen.

Blackboard Support

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has been focused on providing relevant and timely support to faculty as we develop summer courses for remote delivery. With the high number of individual requests for help with Blackboard and related Educational Technologies, we’ve simplified our contact process. Please contact facultybbsupport@georgiancollege.ca in order to receive the fastest, most direct service. We’re committed to replying as quickly and thoroughly as possible. As always, our Faculty Blackboard Support page is available to you 24/7 with support articles, screencasts, and tipsheets.

Should I contact CTL or IT Support?

CTL: facultybbsupport@georgiancollege.ca

IT Support: itsupport@georgiancollege.ca

  • “How-to” questions
  • Faculty training
  • Documentation and support resources
  • Assist with content creation and development
  • Functionality and troubleshooting
  • Student questions
  • Password issues
  • Developmental course creation
  • Organization creation and enrollments
  • Course restores
  • Technical error messages


Teaching and Learning Topics

  • Encourage and facilitate discussion about professional teaching practice at the post-secondary level through workshops, mentoring, online learning, and open dialogue materials for faculty on topics related to assessment, teaching strategies and teaching with technology
  • Create instructional resources for teaching and learning
  • Implement a model for new faculty orientation and development
  • Develop skills in academic areas for making and implementing informed curriculum delivery choices
  • Provide support and facilitate continuous improvement in college curriculum
  • Facilitate skill development for the effective use of technology for teaching and learning
  • Provide and support technological resources to enhance teaching and learning (eg. student response systems, development software, digital camera, web links) and print resources (eg. books, journals) to enhance teaching and learning
Helen Pearce headshot

Helen Pearce – Dean, Liberal Arts, Academic Quality, Teaching and Learning (ext. 1811)

Debora Moore

Debora Moore – Administrative Assistant (ext. 5153)

Alissa Bigelow

Alissa Bigelow – Instructional Design Technologist (ext. 1162)

Jill Esmonde

Jill Esmonde – Faculty Developer (ext. 1425)

Kelly Fox

Kelly Fox – Faculty Developer (ext. 1092)

Amy Goruk

Amy Goruk – Instructional Designer (ext. 1075)

Matt Garwood headshot

Matt Garwood – Educational Technology Assistant (ext. 1608)

Tracy Mitchell-Ashley headshot

Tracy Mitchell-Ashley – Faculty Developer (ext. 3093)

Kate Quinn headshot

Kate Quinn – Instructional Design Technologist (ext. 1857)

Greg Rodrigo headshot

Greg Rodrigo – Faculty Developer (ext. 1775)