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Liberal Arts

Gain the knowledge, skills and credentials you need to continue on to a diploma, degree, certificate or job.

Learn written and verbal communication skills, develop your ability to solve problems, how to work well with others, to adapt in a changing workplace, to think independently and make sound judgements. Learn how to learn in our student-centred environment.


Certificates (1 year)

Diplomas (2 years)

General Education courses

General Education courses are designed to complement your vocational studies by addressing important issues to our lives as individuals and members of society. The General Education department strives to enhance the development of skills necessary for living and working in an increasingly complex, interdependent world. Georgian’s General Education electives fit into one of these five themes:

  • arts in society
  • civic life
  • social and cultural understanding
  • personal understanding
  • science and technology

To find out how many General Education courses you need to take, consult your program area.

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Communications courses

Communications courses complement your vocational studies by developing written and oral communication skills for multiple environments, including college and the workplace. Core skills you will develop in communications courses include:

  • information retrieval and literacy
  • critical thinking and reading
  • technology for information management, researching and writing
  • presentations
  • teamwork
  • cross-cultural communication

At Georgian, you will complete your Communications course requirements according to the program outlines.

There has been a change to the course codes for second-level communication courses. Starting fall 2020, the course codes will begin with a 2xxx. E.g., COMM 1017 will become COMM 2017. Please note, COMM 1016 remains as is.

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