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Program delivery methods

Georgian is committed to enhancing our student experience by offering you better access and more choice and flexibility around how, where and when you learn.

Explore our different delivery modes and how to prepare for learning.

Flex MORE with program delivery methods

Georgian offers programs via a blend of quality GC Flex, hybrid, in-person and online learning.

We’re excited to offer traditional, in-class learning, with the added benefit of flexible options we’ve implemented over the past two years using innovative technology.

The combination will create an unrivaled college experience, where students have enhanced flexibility during their academic journey at Georgian.

Read about the different delivery methods below, including resources to set yourself up for success.

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Today’s students expect MORE from their education. They want to choose how, where and when they study. Georgian is committed to offering new ways of learning to respond to their evolving needs.Kevin Weaver, President and CEO, Georgian College

GC Flex

What’s GC Flex?

GC Flex gives students choice and flexibility. Using technology-enabled, purpose-designed learning spaces, professors deliver lectures and labs in the classroom and simultaneously online. You can attend class:

  • in person (physically on campus)
  • online during the same class time (synchronously)
  • or online at your convenience (asynchronously) through online modules

You can also change the way you attend class any time! With GC Flex, never miss a lesson, activity or course material, and learn in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Note: Although all course deliverables can be completed online, there will be due dates for assignments/tests. Some classes may have synchronous evaluation components required by a program’s accrediting body. Consult your course syllabus for details.

Current GC Flex programs:


What’s hybrid delivery?

Some parts of the program or course are online and other parts are delivered in person.

You will need to come to campus for part of your program or course.

In person

What’s in-person delivery?

Programs are fully in person and require you to attend campus.

In-person and hybrid option

What’s in-person and hybrid delivery?

These programs will have some courses that provide an option for you to choose fully in person or fully online.

This is different than GC Flex, as you may not alternate between delivery methods during the semester, but will choose one delivery method, that fits your circumstances, for the duration of the semester.


What’s online delivery?

These programs are delivered remotely and you aren’t required to come to campus.

Online learning can be synchronous – you’ll meet with your professor for online classes at scheduled times – or asynchronous – you’ll complete online learning modules on your own.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I find my program’s delivery method?Georgian College Chevron

Visit the full-time program page for the program you’re interested in. Here, you can review upcoming intakes across our campuses, and the delivery methods for each.

Please note, delivery methods are based on planning for the upcoming semester and are subject to change.

Will the amount of assignments, class time or program outcomes change based on delivery method?Georgian College Chevron

Yes. Regardless of your program delivery method, you’ll complete the same assignments, participate in the same amount of class time, and meet the same program learning outcomes listed in your program outline.

What’s the difference between synchronous and asynchronous delivery?Georgian College Chevron

With synchronous online learning, you’ll meet with your professor for online classes at scheduled times.

With asynchronous online learning, you’ll complete online learning modules on your own.

Are there any technology requirements to complete my program courses online?Georgian College Chevron

Yes, there are technology considerations (i.e., internet connection and computer specifications) in order to successfully complete your courses online.

Visit the program-specific fees webpage to learn more.

When will I find out the delivery of individual courses in my program?Georgian College Chevron

Course-level detail and hours of on-campus learning (if applicable) will be available at time of registration.

Visit the register for courses webpage to find your registration date and review how to register.

Will the part-time intake of the programs follow the same delivery method as the full-time intake?Georgian College Chevron

Not necessarily. For part-time information, please visit the part-time program page for the program you’re interested in, or connect with the Continuing Education team if you have any questions.

How do I apply to a Georgian program?Georgian College Chevron

Your application process will vary depending on the program you are applying to and your particular pathway into Georgian.

Find out how to apply, or attend an upcoming event such as Open House or Get to Know Georgian, or connect with our recruitment team to explore your study options at Georgian!

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