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Georgian College Veterinary Hospital

Under the supervision of licensed veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians, Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant students provide a variety of dental, surgical and animal adoption services to the community.

About the Georgian College Veterinary Hospital

The Georgian College Veterinary Hospital (GCVH), located at the Orillia Campus and licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO), provides spay, neuter and dental services to the public at a low cost.

Through the hospital, students in Georgian’s Veterinary Technician diploma and Veterinary Assistant certificate programs gain hands-on experience. All services are provided under the supervision of a staff of Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) veterinarians.

Features of the GCVH

  • Full surgical suite
  • Full dental suite with digital dental x-ray
  • Blood analysis machines for in-house testing
  • Stainless steel kennels for cats and dogs
  • Up-to-date anesthetic and surgical equipment
  • A highly trained staff of RVTs and DVMs
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Our services and rates

If you have questions about any of our veterinary services, we welcome you to contact our team!

A grey cat with hazel eyes laying on a table while a veterinary technician places an ultrasound device on the stomach

Surgery program

Available during summer and winter semesters

We offer affordable spay and neuter services for qualified both canine and feline patients. We also provide microchip implantation (done at time of surgical procedures only).

Review eligibility criteria and send us an email to book or inquire.

Canine spay$250
Canine neuter$250
Feline spay$250
Feline neuter$100
Microchip implantationAdditional $30
An orange and brown cat being held by a person in a salmon-coloured shirt, while getting a teeth cleaning

Dentistry program

Available during the winter semester

We offer comprehensive oral assessment and treatment (COHAT) for qualified canine and feline patients – cleanings and x-rays only (extensive dentistry services or extractions aren’t offered).

Review eligibility criteria and send us an email to book or inquire.

Canine dental cleaning$250
Feline dental cleaning$250
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Adoption program

Available during all semesters (excluding rats)

We run an extremely successful adoption program! We partner with local shelters and rescue groups to offer much-needed surgical procedures and find permanent homes for animals.

Cats, dogs and rats (winter semester only) are listed on our Facebook page.

Canine adoption$200 to $500
Feline adoption$100 to $300
Rat adoptionPlease contact us

Pet eligibility requirements

To qualify for our services, all incoming animals must meet the following eligibility requirements.

Criteria for procedures

  • Must have an up-to-date vaccine status
  • Must be generally friendly and easy to handle without any fearful or dominant behaviours
  • Must not pose any known bite, scratch or other injury risk towards people or animals
  • Must be healthy and free from obvious disease (e.g., infection, wounds, lameness, parasites, diabetes, etc.)
  • Must be in ideal body condition (i.e., not over or under weight) and within age limits
A veterinary technician sitting at a computer desk, while an orange cat lays across the table, and the pet owner sits on a chair across the desk with arm around a black dog
Canine spay• At least six months and less than five years old
• More than eight weeks since end of last heat (if there has been a heat cycle)
• Less than 50 lbs
Canine neuter• At least six months and less than five years old
• Two descended testicles
• Less than 70 lbs
Feline spay• At least six months and less than five years old
• Can be in heat
Feline neuter• At least six months and less than five years old
• Two descended testicles
Canine/feline dental cleaning• At least one year and less than four years old
• Must only have mild gingivitis and/or mild calculus on teeth, with no expected issues/extractions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I schedule an appointment?Georgian College Chevron

All correspondence should go through our patientbooking@georgiancollege.ca email.

Am I able to select the date/time of my pet’s procedure?Georgian College Chevron

Unfortunately, no. You’ll be supplied with the first suitable date/time and there’s no opportunity for changes.

We’re running these programs during our Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant classes, so schedules are already in place.

How many spaces do you have available for procedures?Georgian College Chevron

We have a limited amount of spaces available and they’re filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

We do keep a waiting list during the semester, but it doesn’t transfer from one semester to the next.

All paperwork must be received before your pet can be booked or placed on the waiting list.

Do you offer bloodwork?Georgian College Chevron

Yes! Bloodwork is a mandatory part of each procedure and is collected and run in our onsite lab during the pre-op exam (one week prior to procedure).

There’s no additional cost for the bloodwork; it’s built into the price of the procedure.

What if my pet requires dental extractions?Georgian College Chevron

The Georgian College Veterinary Hospital is equipped to offer dental cleaning (COHAT), and dental x-rays only.

If your pet requires extractions, the on-staff veterinarian will discuss our findings with you and you’ll be provided with a copy of all the x-rays and our recommendations to take to your veterinarian.

How do I make payment?Georgian College Chevron

Payments are electronic and a link will be provided to you from the RVT who books your pet through the patientbooking@georgiancollege.ca email.

Full payment must be in place prior to your pet’s procedure, or you risk losing your space on the roster.

Where is the Georgian College Veterinary Hospital located?Georgian College Chevron

The Georgian College Veterinary Hospital is located at the Orillia Campus (825 Memorial Ave, Orillia, ON L3V 6S2).

When you enter the college grounds, keep right. Our building is freestanding on the right side of the college campus. There are three student residence buildings closer to the main road – follow the laneway passed them and up to the first set of lot arms, turn right, and you’ll find our clinic near the fence line.

View campus maps and directions.

Where do I park to drop off or pick up my pet?Georgian College Chevron

You can simply press the button for security and inform them you’re dropping off or picking up an animal to avoid paying for parking.

Contact us and hours of operation

Contact information

Email: patientbooking@georgiancollege.ca or adoptions@georgiancollege.ca


Location: Orillia Campus, 825 Memorial Ave. Orillia, ON L3V 6S2 (building to the right of the main building)

Surgical hours of operation 2023-24

Summer 2023: May 14 to Aug. 14

Winter 2024: January to April (exact dates to come)

Summer 2024: May to August (exact dates to come)