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You want both applied skills and theoretical knowledge so you can accelerate your career. We don’t blame you – it’s a smart competitive advantage that will add to your earning power!

Georgian has launched 15 new programs that will help get you job-ready for today’s workforce, and meet the demands of local employers. They include a mix of certificate, diploma, graduate certificate and degree programs.


Two game designers (one wearing a VR headset) looking at a prototype on a computer monitor

Game – Design and Simulation

Bring game design and simulation to life as a video game designer. Explore the latest video game design and simulation tools and techniques. Turn game concepts into 2D and 3D experiences for PC, console, mobile and more!

A golf industry management professional wearing a dark blue golf shirt with a golf club over their shoulder, smiling on a golf course

Golf Industry Management

Tee up your career in golf management. Develop your passion for golf. Get hands-on experience in both golf operations and business fundamentals with paid co-op and field trips. Build your network and more!

A jewellery designer sitting at a desk in a workshop in a blue collared shirt and brown apron sketching out a design

Jewellery Design, Bench Skills and Business

Launch your career as a jewellery designer or entrepreneur. Get hands-on experience in the jewellery industry, from fabrication to sales. Access to industry experts, seasoned faculty, and state-of-the-art studios and technologies.

An artist in a blue denim shirt and beige apron wearing a virtual reality headset while painting on a canvas

Visual and Digital Media Arts

Bring your artistic vision to life through visual and digital media. Unleash your creative abilities and artistic skills. Get hands-on experience with the latest digital tools – such as virtual reality – and a range of traditional media.


Four College Foundations students sitting at a table together collaborating on an assignment

College Foundations

Kick start your academic and career goals with a strong foundation. Explore a variety of courses. Discover your strengths and find your passion! Develop skills for success. Be ready for employment or further your studies.

A person in a plaid shirt, white toque, wearing clear safety goggles with earmuffs around their next, looking at a piece of lumber in a shop setting

Construction Techniques

Build the future with a career in construction trades. Experience hands-on training in seven high-demand skilled trades. Learn in state-of-the-art facilities. Pave your way to a career or apprenticeship in one year!

A person wearing a virtual reality head set and holding hand controls

Maajii-Anishnaabemdaa (Start Speaking the Language)

Begin your foundational journey to speaking and understanding Anishnaabemowin. Develop Anishnaabemowin speaking, reading and listening skills. Connect to Anishnaabe ways of being, traditional values and history. Engage with peers in our Indigenous virtual reality worlds!

Medical lab tech in a white lab coat, blue latex globes and green safety goggles pouring a solution into a test tube

Medical Laboratory Assistant

Enter the health-care field as a medical lab assistant. Explore laboratory and analysis techniques in state-of-the-art labs. Play a vital role in the detection of disease and illness. Start your career in one year.


BScN nursing student in navy blue scrubs checking the breathing tube on a human patient simulator in the nursing lab at the Barrie Campus

Honours Bachelor of Science – Nursing

Start your health-care career with a nursing degree. Central Ontario’s first four-year nursing degree. Study close to home and benefit from more industry connections, hands-on practise, and one-on-one training with small class sizes taught by expert faculty who care.

Graduate certificates

A group of four people wearing business attire sitting at a boardroom table and taking notes

Business Management

Become a leader in the broad and exciting field of business. Benefit from our cutting-edge, relevant, industry-focused curriculum. Gain specialized career expertise. Advance your career or start your own business!

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology specialist in a suit holding out a bitcoin

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Become an industry leader in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Examine the technical underpinnings of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Explore how they interact with existing monetary and financial systems.

Please note, this program begins winter 2024. More information and applications will be available soon.

Three content creators strategizing with colourful sticky notes on a white board

Digital Content Creation and Strategy

Engage audiences as a digital content creator, strategist or curator. Deliver compelling messages in today’s media-rich business environment. Capture ideas and develop production skills. Explore user experience and design functionality.

Two people in an office setting wearing business attire smiling while looking at a tablet together

Marketing Management

Drive real business results as a brand or marketing manager. Become a leader in the energetic, ever-changing field of marketing. Combine analytical and creative marketing approaches that result in business growth.

A mental health-care provider listening as she sits across from a younger patient expressing their feelings and talking with their hands

Mental Health – Interprofessional Practice

Make a difference with a career in mental health. Support mental health, well-being and recovery. Growing industry with a demand for skilled, compassionate care providers. Four-week clinical placement.

Supply chain specialist with short dark hair, glasses, and a denim shirt standing in a warehouse while holding a tablet

Supply Chain Management – Global

Become a skilled leader in logistics and supply chain management. Plan, create and manage the flow of goods from supplier to consumer. Learn how to help improve global supply chain challenges and reach new efficiencies.

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