Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with others?

Think about joining a club – or create a club if it doesn’t already exist! To join a club, check out the club directory below and contact the club using the contact information provided.

Get involved

Starting a new club

  1. Plan out your new student club
  2. Complete the club package
  3. Present to GCSA Clubs Committee

The perks of running a club

  • Receive funding from your GCSA
  • Access to GCSA resources
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Promotional opportunities

Barrie Campus

Orillia Campus

  • Email Orillia GCSA to inquire about starting or renewing a club, and for a full list of clubs and associations on campus.

Owen Sound Campus

  • Email Owen Sound GCSA to inquire about starting or renewing a club, and for a full list of clubs and associations on campus.

Club directory

Started in: Barrie

Atmiya Youth Barrie Club

We are a group of international students plus peer mentors. The group’s purpose is to live in harmony in the community and other communities. Our goal is to help students feel comfortable, help them find suitable accommodations, and make them aware of Canadian culture.

Started in: Barrie

CyberGrizzlies eSports Club

Casual and competitive eSports club. A social club where everyone is free to join — all games are welcome!

Started in: Barrie

Enactus Georgian College

Enactus Georgian is a club where students set out to be catalysts of social, economic and environmental change while utilizing business as a means to do so. Participation in Enactus will provide you with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the community, while gaining experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career. It’s an experience that will change the lives of those in need and quite possibly your own as well.

Started in: Barrie

Georgian Code Club

The Georgian Code Club is a club based around helping students come together to work on projects revolving around code. The club also welcomes students of other skill sets to help with club projects. (i.e. visual design, 3D design, business, etc.).

Started in: Barrie

Georgian College Astronomy Club

Astronomy is arguably the most widely accepted science. It is a science that can be enjoyed by everyone. This club intends to channel public curiosity to encourage distribution of astronomical information and education to increase individual enthusiasm.

Started in: Barrie

Georgian College Automotive Business Students’ Society

Welcome to the Georgian College Automotive Business Students Society! It doesn’t matter what program you are in the GCABSS welcomes ANY Georgian College students that are interested in cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. we are a club for car enthusiasts!

Started in: Barrie

Georgian College Debating Society

Learn how to improve public speaking skills in a safe environment. Come out to meet your peers, develop new friendships and debate any topic you like. Most of all, have fun!

Started in: Barrie

Georgian Equestrian Club

The Georgian Equestrian Club is a place for Georgian students and alumni of all riding levels to come together and share the love of the sport. We take weekly riding lessons as a team to improve our riding and support each other. We also complete at OCEA horse shows through the school year. Our horse shows are Catch riding based, so you do not need your own horse to take lessons or compete! Our horse shows consist of two classes, an equitation on the flat and equitation over fences. The Georgian Equestrian Club is open for all students with some prior riding experience, to ensure the safety of our riders at all times. We have divisions from 18″ jump height up to 3′, so there truly is a place for everyone!

Started in: Orillia

Georgian College Psychology Club

The Georgian College Psychology Club would love to welcome you to our community of learning, growing, and evolving. Our club seeks to connect students and professors through academic discourses in a welcoming, non-judgemental environment. We meet bi-weekly or monthly, often joined by attending guest speakers, to discuss various psychology topics such as research, mindfulness, animal psychology, and more. We advocate for mental health, and aim to generate informative conversations to help end the stigma. Our club has a directory of resources, articles, free e-books, and more to come. Please join us to learn more about Georgian employees and students as we strive to become our best selves!

Started in: Barrie

Georgian-Lakehead Student Christian Fellowship (GLSCF)

GLSCF is a student Christian fellowship that meets on campus or through online forums. It’s an opportunity to journey together and have discussions with other students toward truth, meaning and calling. GLSCF is a community that is passionate about Jesus’ message and mission, and we’re actively trying to live these out at Georgian College and Lakehead University. It may not look or feel like a traditional church or religion, but we don’t do this for the sake of tradition. Everything that happens with our fellowship is designed to be relevant to your life. Regardless of where you’re at on your spiritual journey, our meetings are a safe place to ask questions.

Started in: Barrie

Georgian Nepalese Association

This club is a safe haven for Nepalese students to find each other and socialize. We organize events and activities to promote Nepalese culture and tradition on campus.

Started in: Barrie

Outdoor Activities Club

A place for people to share outdoor activities, such as photography, walking, hiking, backpacking, camping, mountaineering, canoeing and travelling. Come share your stories, trails and adventures!

Started in: Barrie

Georgian Pride

Georgian Pride is committed to promoting and creating a safe and inclusive environment for Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer (2SLGBTQ) individuals at Georgian College. We understand that the greatest tool for change is awareness through education. Georgian Pride intends to promote this awareness working towards inclusivity and equity within the college and community. We encourage all students to get involved and create change.

Join the club and take charge for change. Please reach out to your GCSA VP Administration, Bibek.

Started in: Barrie

Military Veterans Club

Provides a support network for service members that are transitioning from military to college/civilian life. A place for past and present service members to gather and share their experiences.

Started in: Barrie

Muslim Society of Georgian College

Georgian Muslims’ Society serves as a way for Muslim students to able to fulfil their mandatory religious obligations as well as grow spiritually. Facilitating daily prayers for students is the most important role that this club plays. The purpose of the Georgian Muslims’ Society is to connect Muslim students at Georgian College by developing a unified community that aims to help them practise their faith while giving them a strong platform to voice their needs and concerns.

Started in: Barrie

Satsang @ Georgian

We are a group of Georgian students and alumni. Our primary purpose is to preserve Gujarati culture and Indian heritage, and help new students with settlement challenges upon arrival to Canada. We’re also planning to organize inspirational, motivational speeches and interactive sessions with guest speakers.

Started in: Barrie

A Yarn Good Time

A place for friends to gather with a like-minded yarn good purpose. Crochet, knitting, loom: all forms are acceptable involving yarn. The main goal is to be social while sharing stories, tips, ideas and projects. Future goals are to create and donate items created by the team.

Contact Bibek for more information.