Academic Council

Academic Council (AC) provides academic leadership support by recommending approval of new programs or program changes; ensuring curriculum conforms to requirements; assisting with the direction of academic priorities; and developing and recommending policies, processes and practices to support effective teaching and learning.

Academic Council Meeting Minutes

Guidelines for Presenters

Academic Council meets monthly during the academic year to approve the following:

  • New program curriculum
  • Program renewals
  • Program changes including:
    • Program titles
    • Total program hours
    • Individual course hours
    • Greater than 25 per cent changes to the intent of the learning outcomes
    • Course grade mode
  • Admission requirements

Meeting dates are scheduled a year in advance.


The guidelines below are provided to assist program areas when presenting programs to AC for approval. To facilitate an efficient presentation at AC proposals must be:

  • Submitted through the Curriculum Information Management system (CIM) to the Office of Academic Quality (OAQ) for review a minimum of two weeks prior to the AC meeting date for review. The OAQ will recommend revisions as appropriate.
  • Approved by the Dean/Associate Dean.
  • Submitted through CIM to the OAQ Office Manager (for distribution to AC members) a minimum of one week prior to the AC meeting date.

Guests/presenters will be in attendance with their Dean/Associate Dean/Director.


All program documentation is housed within the Curriculum Information Management system (CIM), and includes the following:

  • Program Outline 
  • Program mapping
  • Program tracking
  • Detailed Curriculum Map
  • Program Renewal Summary

For assistance, please contact the Office of Academic Quality.