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Health insurance

As an international student, health insurance is mandatory to attend any programs at Georgian College. You must be registered into courses in an academic semester or registered for a work term/co-op term in Banner (Georgian’s student information system) for health insurance coverage to begin for that term. International Insurance

Insurance is provided through a company called International Insurance. This insurance coverage is for emergency health conditions and anything new (flu, sore throat, rash, etc.) that starts after your insurance coverage begins (the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions).

If you do not register into courses in an academic semester or do not register for a work-term/co-op term in Banner, you will not be covered by health insurance. If you are out of the normal program progression, you may have to pay additional health insurance fees. It is your responsibility to ensure you have health insurance while in Canada by checking with the International Centre.

Insurance coverage dates

English Language Studies students (EAPC and ESLG)

YearTermInsurance start dateInsurance end date
2018FallOct. 24Jan. 2
2019WinterJan. 3Feb. 26
2019WinterFeb. 27May 1
2019SummerMay 2June 26
2019SummerJune 27Aug. 29

Postsecondary students

YearTermInsurance start dateInsurance end date
2018FallSept.1, 2018Aug. 31, 2019
2019WinterJan. 1, 2019Aug. 31, 2019
2019SummerMay 1, 2019Aug. 31, 2019
2019FallSept. 1, 2019Aug. 31, 2020

What’s included in your plan

As an international student enrolled in a postsecondary program at Georgian College you have insurance coverage from and a health and dental plan from Georgian College Students’ Association/mystudentplan.

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This insurance coverage is for emergency health conditions and anything new (flu, sore throat, rash, etc.) that starts after your insurance coverage begins (the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions).

  • hospital and walk-in clinic visits
  • x-rays and lab testing
  • physician/surgeon
  • psychiatric hospitalization
  • psychotherapy
  • eye exams
  • paramedic services
  • physiotherapy/speech therapy
  • private nursing
  • ambulance
  • prescription drugs
  • dental – accidental injury
  • dental – emergency
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • accessibility
  • immunization
  • maternity
  • family transportation
  • air evacuation/return home
  • trauma counseling

Check your student email for your benefits card (often found in your junk mail folder).

You also have the option of purchasing insurance for your dependents.

Visit the website

This health and dental plan is for most non-emergency health and dental needs (dental check-up, physiotherapy, massage therapy, etc.).


  • physiotherapist
  • speech therapist
  • psychologist/social worker
  • registered massage and athletic therapist
    (above services require a doctor’s note)
  • chiropractor
  • naturopath
  • vision
  • orthopedics


  • annual exams
  • recall exams
  • diagnostic
  • preventative
  • minor restorative
  • extractions
  • oral surgery
  • endodontic
  • periodontic
  • major restorative

EAP students do not have this coverage.

You also have the option of purchasing health and dental coverage for your dependents.

For details visit the Benefits Plan Office in K212 at the Barrie Campus.

Visit the mystudentplan website

Frequently asked questions

What if I arrive in Canada before my health insurance begins?

If you arrive before the insurance start date, it is important that you purchase your own health insurance from the date of arrival in Canada up to the insurance start date. Please visit International Insurance to apply for insurance coverage for additional days.

What if I arrive with dependents? Can they purchase health insurance?

Dependents of registered students are able to purchase health insurance through at a discounted rate. Visit the International Insurance site to purchase health insurance online.

Will I receive a health insurance card?

You will receive an email to your Georgian College email account at the start of each term. To access your card, click on the print ID card link in the email.

Keep the ID card with you in your wallet for proof of health insurance coverage. You will also receive a temporary password you can use to log in your account at the website to allow you access to your ID card and view the status of any claims. Once you are registered into courses in an academic semester or you are registered for a work term/co-op term in Banner, your coverage for health insurance will begin for that term.

Postsecondary students will receive a new health card once per year. EAP students will receive a new health card at the start of each registered seven-week session.

What if I do not receive an email from International Insurance to my student email account?

If you do not receive an email from with your health insurance card, check to make sure you are registered on Banner. If you are registered in courses or co-op/work term and don’t have a health insurance card, please drop by the International Centre and let us know. If you are not registered in courses or co-op/work term, please register on Banner or visit the Office of the Registrar.

How can I find a medical clinic near me?

To find the clinic closest to your home, visit Once you fill in your address, it will give you a list of the closest clinics. The clinics listed are all the direct billing locations.

You can still visit a clinic that isn’t on the list but you will have to pay for the service up front.

What is a claim ?

If you visit the doctor’s office without your card or visit a health facility that does not do direct billing, you will be asked to pay up front for your medical expenses. Keep your receipt so you can make a claim with and be refunded.

How do I submit a claim?

You can make a claim online if the receipt is under $1,000 by visiting and clicking on My Claim, then Making a Claim. You will be asked to enter your policy number and date of birth. Click Submit and continue the steps through the claim process. On the last page you will be asked to fill in your address. Please ensure your address details are accurate as this is where the cheque will be mailed. You will also be asked to scan and attach your receipt(s). If your receipt is over $1,000, you will have to submit your claim by mail.

Can I opt out of my health insurance? health insurance is mandatory for all international students who are registered for courses or a co-op/work term in Banner. That means that if you’re currently in courses or on a co-op/work term, you can’t opt-out.

How can I learn more about my Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) insurance?

Get more information on GCSA insurance coverage. This coverage applies to postsecondary students in a full-time diploma, degree, or certificate program.

What if I have a break between my studies, for example between EAP and the start of postsecondary?

If the coverage date on your card is expiring and you will be coming back to study at Georgian College, you can purchase health insurance for the gap between programs. Visit and follow the steps for “gap student.”

Please refer to the coverage dates above to be sure that you don’t purchase health insurance for longer then you need.

Common health insurance inquiries

  • Dermatologist: To visit a dermatologist you will likely have to be referred by a doctor which means you will need to visit the doctor’s office first. Remember, doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions (including acne). If you are unsure whether your dermatologist visit will be covered, email
  • Dentist: International Insurance will only cover a visit to a dentist if it’s an emergency or immediate relief of pain or suffering.
  • Eye doctor: You will be covered for one non-emergency eye exam per year up to a maximum of $100. There is no insurance coverage for contacts or glasses.
  • Immunizations: You will be covered up to $100 for program/course required immunizations.

Will I have health insurance after I graduate?

  • You will no longer be registered into academic courses or a co-op/work term on the Banner student information system and therefore will not receive health coverage.
  • You can purchase your own health insurance through International Insurance for a maximum time of six months.
  • You may be eligible for OHIP after working full-time in Canada for the required amount of time.
  • You are strongly encouraged to purchase your own health insurance after you graduate from Georgian College.

What if I withdraw from Georgian?

If you officially withdraw from the college (or transfer to another institution) after the add/drop deadline, your health insurance coverage will not be terminated and fees will not be refunded. Your health insurance will expire on the date indicated on the card.

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