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Working while studying

International students can work while studying under the following conditions:

  • they have a valid study permit for a program that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate
  • they are a full-time student enrolled in a program that is at least six months long
  • they are studying in an academic, vocational or professional training program

Students who meet these conditions can:

  • work up to 20 hours a week while in class
  • work on- or off-campus
  • work full-time during scheduled breaks such as reading weeks and breaks between semesters. This option is NOT available to English as a Second Language or General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes students.

On-campus jobs

There are many on-campus part-time student jobs available at Georgian, with hiring times through out the year. Some of the biggest on-campus employers are The Last Class Restaurant, The First Class Cafe, the Athletics and Fitness Centre and Academic Success. Once you have registered as a student you will have access to our job database that lists most of the current available jobs. You can also send your resume, cover letter and class schedule to the email addresses below.

Some jobs that are generally available are:

  • Athletics and Fitness Centre
    • camera operator
    • game announcer
    • intramural convenor and minor official
    • marketing team
    • mascot
    • music operator
    • photographer
    • statistician
    • scorekeeper
    • varsity team manager
    • video director
    • facility staff
    • fitness centre staff
    • front desk
    • campus rec co-ordinator
    • fitness co-ordinator
    • marketing co-ordinator
    • varsity co-ordinator
  • Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA)
    • GCSA ambassador
    • GCSA crew
    • GCSA director
    • GCSA executive
  • The Last Class Restaurant, The First Class Cafe and The Den Restaurant
    • bartender
    • brew crew promotions team
    • cafe staff
    • licensed security
    • line or prep cook
    • server
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students working in athletic centre
students work for brew crew promotions
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Co-op programs

Co-op, field placement, field training, industry placement, practicum, clinical placement, practical experience and internship placements

International students with a valid study permit enrolled in any program with the above work portion must apply for a work permit to be able to legally work off-campus during their co-op terms. Since each co-op semester may involve a different employer, the work permit will have conditions stating that Georgian College is the employer and Georgian decides where the student can legally work for the co-op, field placement, field training, industry placement, practicum, clinical placement, practical experience or internship. This permit only allows students to work off-campus in positions related to their co-op requirements. Students must have the co-op work permit before they can begin work.

Working after graduation

After graduation, international students are eligible to apply for up to a three-year post-graduate work permit. This allows you to gain Canadian work experience. This type of work is exempt from HRSDC approval. Students must have a valid study permit and apply within 90 days of graduation (the date the your final marks are posted).

Guidelines for working in Canada are subject to change by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). For the most up-to-date information please check the IRCC website.

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