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If you want to prepare yourself for global success through education, exchange and international experience, consider adding some culturally diverse experiences to your personal resumé.

Going abroad opportunities may be available to all Georgian students, both international and Canadian.

Increase your cultural knowledge

There is a growing need in the workplace for individuals who are able to live and work in an intercultural environment. Start setting yourself apart from your peers by showing potential employers how culturally competent you are.

Benefits of going abroad

Studying or working abroad can give you:

  • a culturally diverse learning environment
  • a better understanding of different perspectives
  • the opportunity to connect practical skills with a global mindset

Three ways to increase your cultural knowledge

To increase your likelihood of global success, we suggest you start taking action to open your world by participating in culturally diverse activities. These opportunities will give you the chance to develop new skills and global competencies that will distinguish you as a global graduate.

We recommend the following three ways to increase your cultural knowledge:

1. In the classroom

Participate in intercultural group work, presentations or projects by teaming up with international students and/or choosing internationally-based topics. Join the #ChangeTheNow Inclusive Design and Accessibility Challenge and earn a changemaker micro-certificate.

2. On campus

  • attend intercultural social events such as Global Talkafe’s, Cultural Exchange club activities and Diversity Week
  • apply to become a peer mentor
  • join a student club to expand your social group

3. Around the world

Georgian works hard to find study and work abroad opportunities for students and faculty. These opportunities are always changing and growing. Below is more information about co-op opportunities, but since we are always making new agreements and partnerships we suggest you contact us for a meeting so we can discuss what type of opportunity you are looking for and places you might be interested in going.

Co-op abroad

If you’re in a co-op program at Georgian, you may be able to find a co-op or placement abroad! Students are responsible for securing their own co-op positions abroad and ensuring that the placement is approved by their co-op consultant.

The government of Canada has made it easier for Canadian students to do their co-op abroad. You can search for co-op opportunities through International Experience Canada (IEC).

Once you have secured an approved co-op position abroad, the International Centre can provide support and guidance for your visa application, finding accommodations, helping to prepare you for life abroad and general tips and advice on the country you will be visiting.

Study abroad

Georgian College works hard to find the study and work abroad opportunities for its students and faculty. These opportunities are always changing and growing.

Why study abroad?

  • improve your student experience through internationalization and experiential learning
  • network with like-minded individuals
  • enhance your cultural awareness and global knowledge
  • expand your worldview and share stories with others
  • learn something new, and get inspired about social innovation ideas
  • make your resume stand out with a complete global skill set
  • increase your education while gaining new experiences

Visit the student portal for current opportunities.

Work abroad

Working abroad is a great experience for both students and graduates. Many Georgian alumni have decided to go abroad after graduation to gain more global experience and cultural awareness before deciding on a more permanent home.

Some of Georgian’s alumni experiences have included:

  • teaching English in Thailand
  • tour guide in Costa Rica
  • chef on a cruise ship
  • photographer in Peru
  • assistant wedding co-ordinator in St. Lucia
  • bartender in Peru

If you need helping starting your search, reach out to us and we will help guide you on your way to becoming a global citizen!

Health insurance

Health insurance for students going abroad is provided through a company called International Insurance.

This insurance coverage is for emergency health conditions as well as illnesses and conditions (flu, sore throat, rash, etc.) that start after your insurance coverage begins. The plan does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Work, study and teach abroad experiences

Want to learn more about study abroad and teach abroad opportunities? Explore the experiences below or email Brandy Mullen.

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