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Student changemaking

Build the skills employers are seeking now and graduate with mission, not just a diploma or degree

The Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation (CCSI) provides students with many unique, hands-on experiences – both in and out of the classroom –to develop essential changemaker skills and influence positive social change in their fields. Find out how you can get involved!

Meet Charlie Changemaker

Charlie the Changemaker, a cartoon bear wearing a helmet and sunglasses

This is Charlie. Charlie is a changemaker. Charlie is recruiting.

The epic origin story

Charlie (pronouns: they/them) is Growler’s cousin. For a long time, Charlie was away, exploring the change they would like to see. Now, Charlie is back to inspire you to do the same.

When you see Charlie

Charlie is a symbol for changemaking at Georgian. Wherever you see Charlie, you’ll find changemaking.

Your turn!

With the help of their friends at CCSI, Charlie is recruiting to train and inspire the next wave of changemakers.

Join Charlie and Company

Connect with your campus changemakers and make shift happen!

Charlie and Co. is a student-led, co-curricular changemaking community with chapters across Georgian’s seven campuses. Charlie and Co. is for students who want a peer-supported environment that will help them explore how to design and lead positive change through the lens of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Charlie and Co. members can activate volunteer opportunities that can be applied to co-curricular records, earn badges, and explore the tools of activism and social enterprise through hosting campus conversations and acts of changemaking.

To learn more, visit the Charlie and Company virtual headquarters.

Change MORE with Charlie and Company, an initiative by the Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation

Participate in #ChangeTheNow

Are you ready to build a region of changemakers where you live?

#ChangeTheNow is a global movement to bring together socially focused and diverse people to create the positive change they want to see.

Open to students from kindergarten to postsecondary, educators, organizations and community groups, #ChangeTheNow encourages collaboration that inspires and envisions how our communities and economies could look through tackling community problems and fostering increased well-being.

Attend Changemaker in Residency Week

Animate 21st century, in-demand soft skills

Changemaker in Residency Week (CRW) brings together students, staff, faculty and partners to explore tools, ideas and approaches to create the positive change we want to see!

CRW happens throughout week nine of every semester. It contains highly participatory workshops that encourage discussions and collaboration around the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Visit the CRW webpage to discover more about the event and upcoming dates.

Social innovation tools and resources

Get tools and resources to support your academics

Looking for collaboration tools for your team project? Interested in creating social impact with your capstones or applied assignments? Do you want tools and resources to develop a social enterprise?

CCSI has a wide range of digital and in-person tools, resources and platforms to support:

  • brainstorming and ideation
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • empathy and communication
  • flourishing social enterprise design

To explore our student resources, please send us an email.

Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation ChangedIt! Toolkit

Contact us

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Get in touch with our team and let’s start making change today!

Barrie Campus
Community Impact Lab (room A216)
Hours: Tuesday, noon to 4 p.m.

Orillia Campus
Community Impact Lab (room A105)
Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Email: CCSI@georgiancollege.ca

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