Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation

Be innovative. Affect change. Make a positive impact in your community.

At the Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation (CCSI), our goal is to support individuals and organizations build flourishing communities and economies.

Learn what changemaking is all about and discover how you can make a meaningful difference for causes you care about!

What is a changemaker?

A changemaker is one who desires change in the world and seeks out the knowledge and resources to make that change happen.

Check out our changemaker glossary to learn more about the terms that you may come across during your changemaking activities as a student, employee, or community or industry partner.

Are you a changemaker?

Absolutely! Georgian College is Canada’s first and only changemaker college

Georgian is the first college in Canada designated a changemaker college by Ashoka U for its role as a leader in social innovation and changemaking in higher education. The designation falls under the Changemaker Campus program, which recognizes more than 40 colleges and universities globally that have embedded social innovation and changemaking into their culture, programming and operations.

CCSI is your one-stop shop for support, education and inspiration to create positive social impact in your community.

How to get started with changemaking at Georgian

Step 1: Explore your changemaker pathway

Changemaking at Georgian starts with the opportunity to explore various social purpose pathways that could lead to careers you never thought were possible!

Each changemaking pathway can be applied to any program and be used to help you navigate everything from which course electives you take, to what type of co-op or field placement you might look for. The road to social purpose and positive change is filled with curious people like you.

What type of changemaker are you?


I want to connect with people, so I can really understand what they are facing.


I want to volunteer my time to help others.


I see a better way to collaborate and use my voice to bring diverse agendas to the conversation.


I want to campaign to bring about political or social change.


I want to take responsibility for making change in whatever community or organization I am a part of.

Social entrepreneur

I want to use business to affect positive social change.

Social innovator

I want to create new strategies, products or ideas to address social issues.


I want to raise, donate or contribute financially to social impact.


I want to use data to tell fact-based stories to support change.

Policy maker

I want to work with multiple groups of people to design, develop and model new policies that promote social change.

Step 2: Create your changemaker profile

Start your changemaking journey and earn innovation capital points!

Get started by creating your own changemaker profile and join us in creating the positive change we need to see.

Start earning innovation capital, or points toward changemaking skill badges that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or resumé. Plus, stay connected with everything changemaking at Georgian.

Step 3: Design your changemaker avatar

Produce your digital self

Once you have your changemaker pathway selected and have set up your changemaker profile, head on over to Georgian’s changemaker avatar generator and produce your digital self!

Your changemaker avatar can be used on your profile, displayed during your class WebEx or Microsoft Teams calls, and uploaded at Georgian Stores to create custom merchandise delivered right to your door.

Step 4: Get involved!

I’m a current or future student

Explore the many opportunities Georgian offers for you to become a changemaker, both in and out of the classroom.

I’m faculty or a staff member

Discover how you can embed changemaking and social innovation in teaching or in the work you do at Georgian College.

I’m a member of the community

Together, we can make a difference. Connect with us to find solutions to issues that impact the community, your business or organization.

1stGeorgian is the first and only college in Canada designated as an Ashoka Changemaker College
95%of students who participate in changemaking workshops agree they develop the ability to use empathy in their work
82%of students surveyed felt being exposed to changemaking tools and mindsets has better prepared them for their future

Committed to the 2030 agenda

United Nations sustainable development goals

The United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals are a collection of 17 goals designed to achieve a more sustainable future by the year 2030. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

CCSI is dedicated to building awareness, tools and resources to support students, staff and community members in aligning their initiatives and projects to the UN sustainable development goals. It is part of our commitment to enabling flourishing individuals, flourishing cultures, flourishing economies and flourishing communities.

Contact us

Get in touch with our team and let’s start making change today!

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Hours: Tuesday, noon to 4 p.m.

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Email: CCSI@georgiancollege.ca

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