Training and Development

HRMN 1008

Course description

This course is based on the premise that people are an organization's greatest asset; therefore, investing in effective training and development pays dividends by contributing to improvements in performance and productivity. Beginning with a perspective of how training and development fits within the broader context of human resources management, students address key elements including analysing staff training and learning needs; designing, delivering and administering effective training programs for diverse audiences; identifying alternatives and supplements to training; and evaluating the effectiveness of staff training and development interventions. Students gain hands on opportunity to practice, create and evaluate an exceptional learning experience for their peers to support the development of 21st century skills in response to the challenges of current market demands.



Course Hours


Students registering for credit courses for the first time must declare a program at the point of registration. Declaring a program does not necessarily mean students must complete a program, individual courses may be taken for skill improvement and upgrading.

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