Health Assessment

NRSG 2003

Course description

Prerequisites: Anatomy and Physiology Introduction BIOL 1001 or BIO 9101 and Anatomy and Physiology-Advanced BIOL 1002 or BIO 9102 and Life Transition Agency NRSG 1015 or NRSG 1010 or NUR6195



Course Hours



(Post Secondary level BIOL 1001 Anatomy and Physiology-Intro Minimum Grade of 65
or Undergraduate - degree level level NURS 1531 Anatomy and Physiology 1 Minimum Grade of 65)
and (Post Secondary level NRSG 1024 Clinical Experience 1 Minimum Grade of P
or Post Secondary level PSWR 1033 PSW Prof Prac 1 Long Term Care Minimum Grade of P)
and Post Secondary level NRSG 1025 FHA Minimum Grade of P
and (Post Secondary level BIOL 1002 Anatomy and Physiology - Adv. Minimum Grade of 65
or Post Secondary level BIOL 1029 Anatomy and Physiology 2 (ODE) Minimum Grade of 65)

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