Intro Obj Oriented Prog-Java

COMP 1008

Course description

In this course, students will learn to program in the popular Java programming language. It is assumed students have already learned to designand outline the logic and structure of a program and that they understand object-oriented principles. Upon that foundation, this course willbuild skills in creating Java application programs that use primitive data types, API classes and user-defi ned classes as needed. Throughout thecourse, class diagrams, unit tests and javadoc comments will be employed to document programs, verify correctness and ensure program quality. Students will write text-mode programs that process/manipulate data using bjectorientedprogramming techniques.\



Course Hours



Post Secondary level COMP 1030 Programming Fundamentals Minimum Grade of 50
or Post Secondary level COMP 1043 Java Introduction (ODE) Minimum Grade of 50

Students registering for credit courses for the first time must declare a program at the point of registration. Declaring a program does not necessarily mean students must complete a program, individual courses may be taken for skill improvement and upgrading.

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