Canine Behavior 103 - Canine Resource Guarding

GINT 0222

Course description

Resource guarding is characterized as an aggressive reaction towards a person/animal with the intent to protect a valued resource, such as food or a toy. Resource guarding is in the top 5 reasons owners euthanize or surrender their dog. This course is for canine rescue workers, trainers and dog owners to gain the knowledge needed to understand and treat mild to moderate cases of resource guarding. Participants identify types of guarding and isolating triggers as they assess cases and how to manage them. It is recommended that participants take Canine Basic Behavior 101 prior to this course. This course may be recognized for continuing education credits as follows: 3.75 CEU credits IAABC, International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. 4 CEUs for behavior consultants with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)



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