Efficiency Through Cross-Training

BUSN 0256

Course description

The ability to train employees to become proficient in a variety of skills and jobs contributes to better collaboration and employee retention. In this module, participants examine the benefits of cross training, and receive the foundational knowledge required to make smart business decisions in the tourism and hospitality industry. Participants discover how to provide guests the highest priority service as all details of the tourism and hospitality operation are planned, implemented, and evaluated. Participants learn how to build business through effective marketing strategies, inventory management, managing budgets, and cross training. Focus is on satisfying the ever-changing demands of guests while understanding how to increase profits by maximizing service and productivity.

Learning Outcomes

  • describe how business models and organizational structure contribute to the development of effective marketing strategies within the tourism and hospitality sector;
  • discuss the role of the customer in increasing sales and maximizing revenues;
  • describe the value of cross training and its contribution to employee retention;
  • examine the relationship between evolving technology and the ever-changing demands of guests within the tourism and hospitality sector




Course Hours


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