Dog to Dog Aggression – Basic

GINT 0194

Course description

Recognize, Understand and Rehabilitate

This basic course is designed to teach canine rescue workers, trainers and dog owners how to assess, manage and treat mild cases of dog to dog aggression. Participants will explore how to identify and categorize the common types of dog aggression, isolate the dog’s motivation for the problematic behaviour, setting realistic treatment goals and how to choose the best treatment and/or management option for that dog. As well course reviews the technical aspect of applying strong management and two treatment techniques designed to rehabilitate the two most common types of dog to dog aggression. This course may be recognized for continuing education credits as follows:4 CEU credits IAABC, International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. www.iaabc.org4 CEU credits O.A.V.T., Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians. www.oavt.org2 CEU credits CCPDT Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers\



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