Customer Experience

BUSN 0249

Course description

In this module participants discover what is customer experience (CX) and how to apply it to the tourism and hospitality sector. The module is designed to help students understand the concept of Customer Experience (CX) for both external and internal customers as it relates to the tourism and hospitality industry. With a focus on identifying areas of improvement to effectively increase customer satisfaction, concepts explored support the participant’s career and personal growth as a service provider. 


Learning Outcome: 

  • understand the principles that comprise the tourism and hospitality industry’s traditional Customer Experience (CX) and;
  • integrate the concept of the modern consumer is educated, efficient and tech-savvy, with the requirements for a customer experience that meets and exceeds consumer expectations;
  • explain how the demands of the 21st century consumer require communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills that surpass traditional tourism and hospitality customer experience processes;
  • understand the concept of CX to both the external and internal hospitality and tourism customers.



Course Hours


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