Treating Challeng Behav (ODE)

BESC 1008

Course description

Students will be introduced to a variety of procedures used to assess and treat challenging behaviours presented by individuals with autism / Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition, functional behavioural assessment and functional analysis and scientifically validated techniques for the treatment of challenging behaviours, such as, stereotypy, pica, aggression and self-injury will be compared. Emphasis will be placed on ethical considerations such as the utilization of the least intrusive, least restrictive model and effective treatment.



Course Hours



Post Graduate level BESC 1000 Introduction to ABA (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level BESC 1001 Intro to ASD (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level BESC 1002 Special. Instruct. Strat (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60

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