Transition Plan/Implent (ODE)

BESC 1007

Course description

This course will prepare the student for assisting in planning and mediating transitions for individuals with ASD within and across home, school and community settings from pre-school to adulthood. Students will evaluate models for effective transition planning, assessment and evaluation; transition planning across settings and environments; understanding differing perspectives on transitions within and across environments. In addition, students will learn about developing collaborative relationships with parents and professionals; understanding transition practices and relevant legislation; and practice gathering information when using transition assessment and evaluation tools.



Course Hours



Post Graduate level BESC 1000 Introduction to ABA (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level BESC 1001 Intro to ASD (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level BESC 1003 Working w/Families/Teams (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level ETHS 1000 Ethics/Professionalism (ODE) Minimum Grade of 60

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