FC Div. B Pt 2/6 (MC)

JUST 0065

Course description

This course assists students in meeting their fire safety inspection and enforcement responsibilities effectively and efficiently, as provided by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. Students develop their knowledge with respect to the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code as it relates to fire prevention related job functions, the application of the Fire Code Div. B Part 2 Fire Safety, elimination or control of fire hazards, maintenance of life safety systems in buildings, requirements for emergency planning, and installation requirements for smoke alarms. The Fire Code Div. B Part 6 Fire Protection Equipment applies to checking, inspection and testing, maintenance, and operation of fire protection equipment and life safety systems. This course meets the requirements of Fire Code Div. B Part 2 & Part 6 as required by the OFM for provincial certification in NFPA 1031 Fire Inspector Level 1.



Course Hours


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