Professional Development

Course Title Code Campus Time
Crisis Negotiation  COMS 0019  ORILLIA   Weekend
Victims and the Media (ODE)  VICT 1005  ORILLIA   Online 
Assessment/Intervention (ODE)  VICT 1010  ORILLIA   Online 
Vic Assistance Services (ODE)  VICT 1011  ORILLIA   Online 
Emergency Serv. Communicator 1  JUST 0001  ORILLIA   Evening
Violence Against Women (ODE)  VICT 1003  ORILLIA   Online 
Emergency Serv. Communicator 2  JUST 0002  ORILLIA   Evening
Aboriginal People/Victim (ODE)  VICT 1004  ORILLIA   Online 
Diversity/Vict Assist (ODE)  VICT 1008  ORILLIA   Online 
Childhood Victimization (ODE)  VICT 1007  ORILLIA   Online 
Field Placement  VICT 1012  ORILLIA   Daytime
Violence Against Men (ODE)  VICT 1006  ORILLIA   Online 
Victimology Prof Pract (ODE)  VICT 1009  ORILLIA   Online