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Certificates and programs
Program Title Code Campus Credential
Recreation and Leisure Services  RELN  BARRIE   Ontario College Diploma 
Food Service Worker  FSWR  ONLINE   Recognition of Achievement 
Course Title Code Campus Time
Trends/Opportunities in Sport  RECR 2004  BARRIE   Daytime
Technology in Administration  COMP 1058  BARRIE   Daytime
Research in Rec and Sport  REAS 2003  BARRIE   Daytime
Recreation Across the Lifespan  RECR 1006  BARRIE   Daytime
Program Planning  RECR 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Prof Opportunities and Issues  RECR 2016  BARRIE   Daytime
Outdoor Rec/Envir Sustain  RECR 2001  BARRIE   Daytime
Leadership and Group Dynamics  RECR 2013  BARRIE   Daytime
Introduction to Recreation  RECR 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Introduction to Marketing  MKTG 1000  BARRIE
Inclusive Recreation  RECR 2014  BARRIE   Daytime
Fitness and Wellness  FITN 1002  BARRIE   Daytime
Facility Operations  RECR 2005  BARRIE   Daytime
Event Planning  RECR 1002  BARRIE   Daytime
Community Development  RECR 2006  BARRIE   Daytime
Arts Culture and Heritage  RECR 2012  BARRIE   Online 
Administration Practices  RECR 2003  BARRIE   Daytime
Accounting Fundamentals  ACCT 1013  BARRIE   Daytime
Sanitation and Safety (ODE)  FSWR 0022  BARRIE   Online 
Quality Food Prep (ODE)  FSWR 0024  BARRIE   Online 
Nutrition in Health Care (ODE)  FSWR 0025  BARRIE   Online 
Intro to Nutrition (ODE)  FSWR 0021  BARRIE   Online 
Institutional Food Serv (ODE)  FSWR 0020  BARRIE   Online 
FSW Communication (ODE)  FSWR 0023  BARRIE   Online