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Certificates and programs
Program Title Code Campus Credential
Management Essentials  SPSK  BARRIE    
Course Title Code Campus Time
Prospect/Pipeline Mgmt MC(ODE)  BUSN 0243  BARRIE   Online 
Management and Leadership (MC)  BUSN 0111  BARRIE    
Identities and Diversity (MC)  BUSN 0238  BARRIE    
Cultures of Belonging (MC)  BUSN 0240  BARRIE   Online 
Coaching for Performance (MC)  BUSN 0115  BARRIE    
Courageous Workplaces (MC)  BUSN 0241  BARRIE   Online 
Client-Focus Soln MC (ODE)  BUSN 0242  BARRIE   Online 
Communicating for Success (MC)  BUSN 0112  BARRIE    
Dev Effective Teams (MC)  BUSN 0114  BARRIE    
Human Resource Management (MC)  BUSN 0231  BARRIE    
Diversity and Inclusion (MC)  BUSN 0230  BARRIE    
Emotional Intelligence (MC)  BUSN 0229  BARRIE    
Change Management (MC)  BUSN 0235  BARRIE