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Toronto Hydro and Georgian: A partnership that benefits students

Toronto Hydro is keen on diversifying and increasing their workforce and Georgian representation is key to the long-term success of the organization. Explore how Georgian and Toronto Hydro are working together to support students.

About Toronto Hydro

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Powering ahead

Toronto Hydro began as Toronto Hydro-Electric System in 1911 and has grown substantially since. The company distributes electricity to approximately 785,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers and has 1,270 employees. Committed to delivering excellent customer service, Toronto Hydro provides a safe and reliable supply of electricity and long-term value to the City of Toronto.

Toronto Hydro is dedicated to investing in its people and in the future by giving back to the community. Toronto Hydro and Georgian work in partnership to support students with meaningful co-op learning experiences and offering opportunities to explore a wide range of career possibilities such as certified and skilled trades, engineering, information technology, finance, regulatory and legal services, human resources and communications.

About the partnership

Delivering an unrivaled student experience means having unrivaled partnerships

Since 2012, Toronto Hydro and Georgian have collaborated to create and maximize student opportunities in the electrical utilities sector and expand opportunities around corporate training, research, and employee engagement.

Toronto Hydro proudly supports enhancements to the student learning environment through funding for new state-of-the-art equipment and working to grow and evolve Georgian’s electrical engineering programs.

A collaboration with results

Toronto Hydro is keen on diversifying and increasing their workforce and Georgian representation is key to the long-term success of the organization.

  • Since 2017, Toronto Hydro has offered co-op work terms to more than 200 Georgian students, primarily from Electrical Engineering programs
  • Annually, Toronto Hydro programs special events with Georgian students including:
    • Toronto Hydro Highlight Series
    • Women in STEM and working at Toronto Hydro – opportunities and initiatives taking place for women in the field
    • opportunities for students to speak with Toronto Hydro representatives about co-op work terms and recruitment

Since 2012, Toronto Hydro and Georgian have collaborated to create and maximize student learning and employment opportunities in the electrical utilities sector. The partnership has significantly impacted alumni like Jessica Bloomfield who’s building an inspiring career at a workplace she loves.

Awards and scholarships

Comprehensive support for Georgian students

Toronto Hydro is proud to support Georgian College students through the award, scholarship and bursary program. Toronto Hydro believes in investing in the future and empowering students with the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Available awards, scholarships and bursaries

The Toronto Hydro Suite of Awards supports 10 different students annually and includes the following awards:

  • Toronto Hydro Co-op Award
  • Toronto Hydro Leadership Award
  • Toronto Hydro Women in Engineering Technology Award
  • Toronto Hydro Electrical Engineering Entrance Award
  • Toronto Hydro Electrical Engineering Award
  • Toronto Hydro Electrical Engineering Degree Award

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