Toronto Hydro invests to support Georgian students displaced by war and other political unrest

Toronto Hydro has invested $50,000 to launch a series of new bursaries for Georgian students displaced by the war in Ukraine and for students experiencing disruption because of political unrest elsewhere in the world.

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Georgian and Toronto Hydro have a long-standing partnership and are united in their shared humanitarian values that promote education as the great equalizer for students, especially for those dealing with significant physical, emotional and financial duress due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Electrical Engineering programs offered by Georgian College train future talent to fill critical roles that are needed more than ever in the energy sector and beyond as we prepare for an electrified future. These awards provide support to students who will go on to make valuable contributions to our industry, and Toronto Hydro is pleased to assist newcomers to Canada joining us from Ukraine.

Anthony Haines, President and CEO, Toronto Hydro

Georgian will launch the Toronto Hydro Ukrainian Student Entrance Bursary this spring for incoming international students who self-identify as being impacted by the conflict in Ukraine and are pursuing studies in an eligible full-time program. These programs include electrical engineering technician and technologist diploma programs and a number of programs in the Skilled Trades area. Eight bursaries are available, with a value of $5,000 each. Students accepted to one of the eligible programs will receive a direct communication from Georgian about the award opportunity.

We welcome the support provided by Toronto Hydro to encourage and assist Georgian students displaced by the ongoing attacks on the Ukraine. We know that global political conflicts and disruptions impact many Georgian students and their families. Our college community strives to work alongside our committed partners to develop meaningful opportunities that remove barriers and promote greater student success. Thank you, Toronto Hydro.

Kevin Weaver, President and CEO, Georgian College

Toronto Hydro is also investing in Georgian’s new International Bursary Fund for Political Unrest. The bursary fund is open to current international students experiencing financial hardship due to political or financial unrest in their home county, and Toronto Hydro’s support will be available for students pursuing any year in electrical engineering diploma programs at Georgian. The value of the available bursaries is dependent upon the student’s financial need, and the number of students that apply for assistance.

Applications will open in the fall and students can learn more by visiting

Toronto Hydro/Georgian partnership

Toronto Hydro and Georgian have been collaborative partners for over a decade and are committed to help aspiring students reach their educational and careers goals within the energy and technical trades sector.

Thank you, Toronto Hydro!

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