Honda of Canada Mfg. partnership

Honda and Georgian: Partners driven to benefit students

Explore Georgian’s partnership with Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM) and how the $1.8-million investment is supporting leading-edge equipment, innovative research and development, collaborative program support and newly-established scholarships for Georgian students.

About Honda of Canada Mfg.

Honda: The Power of Dreams (logo)

The Power of Dreams

Honda has been operating in Canada for more than 50 years. Much bigger than just building and selling cars, Honda has a vision for a brighter future and is committed to supporting communities and a greener world, where mobility is open to all.

Honda of Canada Mfg. is one of the largest employers in Simcoe County, with 4,200 associates. Established in Alliston in 1986, it’s a premier manufacturing facility best known for producing the Honda Civic and CR-V. Honda is a proud employer of many Georgian students and alumni.

About the partnership

An investment in students

On May 30, 2019, HCM, Honda Canada Foundation and Georgian announced a $1.8-million, multifaceted partnership designed to support the innovation, creativity and dreams of students. Community is key to Honda Canada and that’s why Honda has provided funding for:

  • leading-edge equipment and learning spaces
  • innovative research and development
  • newly-established scholarships and awards for Georgian students

Immediately upon entering the Peter B. Moore Advanced Technology Centre, you are welcomed into the Honda Student Commons, a hub where students can network and collaborate.  On the second floor, students benefit from the respite space in the Honda Canada Foundation Dream Lounge.

Careers with Honda of Canada Mfg.

Co-op placements and full-time employment opportunities

Approximately 250 Georgian alumni hold diverse roles throughout HCM. Through the partnership with Georgian, HCM will bring even more opportunities to Georgian students and graduates.

With a strong Technical Development Program (TDP) at HCM, there is a unique opportunity for Georgian students and graduates.

Each year, HCM posts its TDP co-op openings to students in the electrical and mechanical technology/technician programs, as well as precision skills. Honda also hires students for other co-op and new grad roles across accounting, IT, human resources, supply chain and more.

A group of 8 Georgian College students and HCM employees stand around a Honda Civic
Michelle Slywka
Some of our strongest leaders today were once students at Georgian. They came to us with a solid academic foundation, and their ambition led them to dream, persevere and achieve their goals and the company’s goals.Michelle Slywka, former campus recruiter, Honda of Canada Mfg.

Awards and scholarships

Comprehensive support for Georgian students

Georgian College deeply appreciates the comprehensive support that Honda has provided our students since 2007.

The awards and scholarships suite of six that Honda has in place at Georgian is significant and powerful, and has already had a major impact on our student recipients. Because of Honda’s support, they can move forward to reach their goals.

Available awards and scholarships

  • Honda of Canada Mfg. Entrance Scholarship
  • Honda of Canada Mfg. Co-op Scholarship
  • Honda of Canada Mfg. Endowment Award                
  • Honda of Canada Mfg. Associates Scholarship
  • Honda of Canada Mfg. Children of Honda Associates Scholarship
  • Honda Canada Entrance Scholarship

Impact stories

Find out how Honda’s support has impacted Georgian students.

Nicholas Gregg

Honda of Canada Mfg. Children of Honda Associates Scholarship recipient

Read Nicholas’ storyGeorgian College Chevron

Nicholas Gregg

Nicholas Gregg is in his second year of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Georgian. The Barrie Campus is a short drive from his home town of Everett, Ontario.

Before coming to Georgian, he was studying computer science at an Ottawa university and he would spend his summers working in production at the Honda plant in Alliston. “While I was there, I became interested in the machinery and the inner workings of the plant,” says Nicholas. After two years of university, he decided that computer science wasn’t really his dream or what he wanted to pursue, so he decided to move back home, attend Georgian and go into a more technical and hands-on program.

“I chose Georgian because of the opportunities that their co-op programs offer and for smaller-sized classes with hands-on learning,” says Nicholas. He also liked that it was close to home so he could commute. “So far my experience at Georgian has been very positive and I’m so glad I made the decision to switch schools and programs. The smaller classes allow for more engagement with my teachers, hands-on labs allow for more learning opportunities and the co-op offers real-world experience and opens opportunities for the future.”

This past summer Nicholas completed his first co-op at Honda of Canada Manufacturing, which resulted in him receiving a Honda of Canada Mfg. Entrance Scholarship. “It was a great experience at Honda, and I look forward to doing my next co-op there,” says Nicholas. “The people I worked with were very helpful and encouraging which gave me confidence in the workplace. Being able to work at Honda also allowed me to see the opportunities that lie ahead once I complete school. This makes me excited to have a career within the mechanical engineering technology field.”

“I just want to say thank you for not only providing me with this scholarship but for giving me the opportunity to grow and learn by working at Honda over the past three summers,” says Nicholas. “It’s something I’m truly grateful for and I look forward to coming back.”

Nicholas says receiving the scholarship from Honda was more than just financial help. “I’m so grateful to know I have the support of such a respected company behind me and this encourages me to succeed,” he says.  “My dream is pretty simple: I want to spend my days working at something I really enjoy and this scholarship is helping to provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to do that. When I complete my program at Georgian, I hope to go back to Honda with my newly acquired knowledge and experience.”

Jennifer Webber

Honda of Canada Mfg. Entrance Scholarship recipient

Read Jennifer’s storyGeorgian College Chevron

Jennifer Webber

Jennifer Webber received a Honda of Canada Mfg. Entrance Scholarship in 2019 as a student in the Pre-health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees certificate program. She graduated with honours in April 2020 and is now enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program.

“When I received the Honda scholarship, it was at a time when I thought my educational journey had come to an end,” says Jennifer. “I found out I wasn’t eligible for OSAP, I’d quit my job to attend school, and had no idea how I was going to go forward. Receiving the scholarship was more than just financial aid; it showed me that this is my path and I could keep going. I’m forever appreciative.”

She chose the pre-health program because in deciding to go back to school as a mature student, she wanted a refresher on being in postsecondary. The program would also help her gain entry to the nursing degree program.

Jennifer grew up in Etobicoke, but has lived in Barrie for the past 17 years. The Barrie Campus was the perfect place close to home to go back to school as a mature student. Her original goal was to work in the audiology field since both she and her son have a hearing disability, however after attending Georgian, she decided to stay and gain her BScN. “My goal now is to get my nursing degree and work in northern communities that don’t have access to health care,” she says.

Jennifer enjoyed her Georgian experience and was very happy with how welcoming the school was. “I loved being able to sit in the library and study with friends, or book study rooms,” she says. “I can’t wait until the pandemic is over so we can do that again. The Barrie Campus is quite beautiful.” Jennifer adds that the campus library is a huge benefit for students. “I was able to sit without the distractions of home, and work on assignments, or readings. I also want to give a shout-out to one of my professors, Brandy Mullen, who’s amazing and helped me feel confident.”

As a single mother with a young son she says the first year was a blur. “I managed by using my time while he was at school to stay on campus after class and work with no distractions,” says Jennifer. “In the evenings, I would study when he went to bed. This year is a little harder due to us both doing school online.”

Jennifer adds that Blackboard is also a great tool in helping to keep her organized. She also loved her orientation day and found it very informative and fun. She was so excited about going back to school at 37 that she even brought her mom to orientation!

Receiving the Honda scholarship has powered Jennifer’s dream to become a nurse and she’s very grateful for it. “Becoming a nurse was always my dream, but I didn’t think it was possible. Again, Honda helped push me toward things I didn’t think I could do. Thank you for helping me be a role model to my son and for the ability to give back to my community.”

Sophie Kavanagh

Honda of Canada Mfg. Children of Honda Associates Scholarship recipient

Read Sophie’s storyGeorgian College Chevron

Sophie Kavanagh

Sophie Kavanagh’s dream is work as a speech-language pathologist helping patients with strokes, brain injuries, cancer, dementia and other acute-care issues. Thanks to a scholarship from Honda she’s well on her way to achieving that dream.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Applied Science she enrolled in Georgian’s one-year Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) graduate certificate program and graduated this past August. She was accepted into her Master’s program at McMaster University and will graduate in 2022 with her MSc in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). “When I finish this program, I will be able to start working as a speech-language pathologist in a hospital setting with acute care patients,” says Sophie. “The role of SLP in the hospital is to conduct swallowing, speech, and language assessments, as well as provide treatment and future recommendations. It has always been a goal of mine to help people in need, and this line of work allows me to help patients during their hospital stay, which I think is incredibly rewarding.”

Receiving the Honda scholarship helped Sophie immensely during her winter semester at Georgian, as it offset some of the costs associated with completing a full-time, unpaid placement. It also assisted with paying for tuition the following semester. “Though an incredible learning experience, there’s a large amount of stress that comes from balancing education and monetary costs,” she says. “This award was a tremendous help in alleviating some of that stress, and for that I’m very grateful.”

The Honda scholarship also allowed Sophie to focus on getting the most out of her post-graduate education, with less stress on the monetary costs associated. “I was able to truly reflect on the learning material and apply it to the best of my ability during hands-on experiences,” she says. “This allowed me to be a more engaged student, a more responsive group member, and a better future clinician. I believe that this dedication to my learning is part of why I was accepted into my Master’s, which has been my biggest dream for a long time. The scholarship made a big impact on my education and future, and it meant so much to come from a company that I admire.”

Sophie chose the CDA program because it was a great stepping stone in her career journey that would provide incredible knowledge and hands-on experience in her field. “I knew I wanted to be a speech-language pathologist, but the Master’s program for SLP is very competitive to get accepted into. For context, a CDA works under the supervision of an SLP while providing speech and language therapy, so the two careers are very related.” Sophie also liked that the CDA program includes a 14-week placement in the field. “I’m a firm believer that hands-on experience teaches students just as much as learning that occurs in the classroom. So, I chose to apply to the CDA program to start my education in the speech-language pathology field, as well as provide the opportunity to start working if I was unable to get accepted into my Master’s.”

The Georgian CDA program stood out to Sophie for a variety of reasons and made her choice to enrol very easy. “Currently there are only three CDA programs in Ontario, but I always knew Georgian was my number one choice,” she says. “I really liked how Georgian has on-site clinics for students to learn and practise with real clients. I knew that the Harmonize for Speech, Hearing and Language Clinic on campus would help me gain more experience working with speech therapy/audiology clients. Being able to live at home while completing my post-grad was definitely an added bonus of choosing Georgian, with the Barrie Campus being so accessible right off the highway. I also had previously heard great things from friends and family who have attended programs at Georgian, so I was confident that my experience would be a positive one.”

“Despite my on-campus experience being cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I really liked both the online and virtual learning experiences I had,” says Sophie. “I think the Barrie Campus has a great variety of services available for students; I personally used the fitness centre, library, cafeteria, and study rooms most often. Everyone at Georgian was very kind and welcoming, and I always felt supported by the staff and faculty.”

Sophie particularly loved the Athletic and Fitness Centre at the Barrie Campus. “It definitely stands out to me as being helpful during my time at Georgian,” she says. “I’m a strong advocate of school-life balance and working out is a big part of how I maintain my mental and physical health. Having a fitness center, indoor track, and workout classes were a major asset to helping me balance the stress of school while staying active.” Sophie adds that the staff at the centre were always kind and helpful, which she definitely appreciated. “Additionally, I have a lot of respect and gratitude for the faculty of the CDA program as they helped support and guide me through this wonderful learning experience.”

“I would like to thank Honda and Georgian for their incredible generosity in providing these scholarships to students,” Sophie says. “I hope they continue to grant more students the opportunity to follow their dreams throughout their education journey.”

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