Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Program Code
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program requirements

  • 12 Mandatory Courses

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Program Description

Today''s human resource professionals are leaders and managers of change. They respond to the challenges triggered by new trends in technology, increasing government involvement in the employer-employee relationship, workplace diversity and globalization. The future belongs to organizations with the human resource expertise that can lower labour costs, improve productivity, increase responsiveness to customers' needs, and build employee commitment.
Graduates from the program will be ready to perform all human resources functions within the business environment.  Demonstrating the skills and competencies such as the ability to communicate effectively collaborate with others and displaying initiative and perseverance, graduates will possess the required knowledge, skills and abilities to be a key person within the organization.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code ONTARIOLEARN EQUIVALENTS Mandatory
Compensation HRMN1011 HRMN1025 - Compensation Management (ODE)   Mandatory
Employee and Labour Relations HRMN1022 HRMN1028 - Industrial Relations (ODE)   Mandatory
Employment Law HRMN1010 HRMN1034 - Employment Law (ODE)   Mandatory
Finance and Accounting HRMN1014 HRMN1021 - Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting (ODE)   Mandatory
Human Resources Analytics HRMN1023 HRMN1024 - Personnel Research Techniques and HRIS (ODE)   Mandatory
Human Resources Management HRMN1007 HRMN1031 - Principles of HR Management (ODE)
HRMN1026 - Human Resources Management Principles (ODE)  
Human Resources Planning HRMN1016 HRMN1027 - Human Resources Planning and Development (ODE)   Mandatory
In-Industry Placement HRMN1020  
Labour Economics HRMN1009 HRMN1033 - Economic Policy (ODE)   Mandatory
Occupational Health and Safety HRMN1006 HRMN1030 - Occupational Health and Safety (ODE)   Mandatory
Organizational Behaviour HRMN1013 HRMN1029 - Introduction to Business Management and Organizational Behaviour (ODE)   Mandatory
Recruitment and Selection HRMN1017 HRMN1032 - HRMN Recruitment and Selection (ODE)   Mandatory
Training and Development HRMN1008 HRMN1035 - Training and Development (ODE)   Mandatory

Additional Info

Practical Experience – Industry Placement
This placement has been designed to blend career interests with college studies. Students will be given opportunities for interaction with individuals in the human resources industry. The students will experience one or more aspects of various human resources functions. Students and the Industry Placement Co-ordinator work together to seek meaningful employment opportunities.

External Recognition

Possessing a unique blend of both theoretical and practical, applied learning, this Program meets the academic course requirements of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and the national professional standards established by the Canadian Council of Human Resources Professionals Associations.

Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) is the governing body that regulates the Human Resources profession in Ontario.

Graduates of the program who are interested in pursuing the professional credential (CHRP or CHRL) as required by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) must successfully complete nine mandatory courses in order to be eligible to begin the designation and regulatory requirements as set by the HRPA.

Professional designation regulations and requirements are found on the HRPA website through this link:

These nine mandatory courses are:

HRPA Requirements Georgian College (HRMN) Equivalencies
Human Resources Management HRMN 1017 Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour HRMN 1013 Organizational Behaviour
Finance and Accounting HRMN 1014 Finance and Accounting
Human Resources Planning HRMN 1010 HR Planning
Occupational Health and Safety HRMN 1006 Occupational Health & Safety
Training and Development HRMN 1008 Training and Development
Labour Relations HRMN 1022 Employee and Labour
Recruitment and Selection HRMN 1017 Recruitment and Selection
Compensation HRMN 1011 Compensation

HRPA eligibility requirements for the professional designation (CHRP or CHRL) mandate that students must have an average of 70% in each of these nine mandatory courses with no individual course achieving lower than 65%.