Program Code
Ontario College Diploma

Program requirements

  • 18 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Communications Courses
  • 1 Optional Courses
  • 3 General Education Courses

Program Description

For students interested in managing people or processes, Georgian''s two-year Business program provides a solid foundation in the basics of business. Studies in economics, accounting, marketing, and human resources lay the foundation for a good start. Individual courses provide the student with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to get to work. This program can launch a career or can be a spring-board into further studies.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Business Finance FNCE2000   Mandatory
Business Law LAWS2000 LAWS2054 - Business Law (ODE)
LAWS2031 - Business Law 1 (ODE)  
Compensation HURM1004  
Customer Service BUSI2005 BUSI1015 - Building and Maintaining Customer Relations (ODE)   Mandatory
Finance and Acctg Math (ODE) MATH1023  
Financial Acctg Principles 2 ACCT1001 ACCT1012 - Financial Accounting 2 (ODE)  
Financial Acctg. Principles 1 ACCT1000 ACCT1011 - Financial Accounting 1 (ODE)   Mandatory
Human Res. Mgmt. Foundations HURM1000   Mandatory
Human Resources Planning HURM1005  
International Business BUSI2011 BUSI2022 - International Business (ODE)  
Intro to Project Management MGMT2012 MGMT2019 - Introduction to Project Management (ODE)   Mandatory
Introduction to Advertising ADVE1004 ADVE1006 - Business Development for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ODE)  
Introduction to Marketing MKTG1000 MKTG1012 - Marketing 1 (ODE)   Mandatory
Introduction to Org. Behaviour BUSI1001   Mandatory
Investments BUSI3006  
Macroeconomics ECON2000 ECON2006 - Macroeconomics (ODE)
ECON2005 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (ODE)  
Managerial Decision Making MGMT3001 MGMT3009 - Strategic Planning (ODE)  
Marketing 1 (ODE) MKTG1012  
Marketing Research MKTG2003 MKTG2030 - Marketing Research (ODE)  
Mathematics of Finance MATH1002 MATH1023 - Finance and Accounting Math (ODE)   Mandatory
Microcomputer Applications COMP1003 COMP1065 - Introduction to Computers 2 (ODE)   Mandatory
Microeconomics ECON1000 ECON1004 - Microeconomics (ODE)
ECON1003 - Introduction to Microeconomics (ODE)  
Planning the Mktg Strategy MKTG1001 MKTG1013 - Marketing 2 (ODE)  
Principles of Management MGMT2001 MGMT2024 - Management Principles (ODE)   Mandatory
Principles of Sales MKTG1003 MKTG1014 - Personal Selling (ODE)  
Production and Operations Mgmt MGMT2000 MGMT2026 - Material and Operations Management (ODE)   Mandatory
Project Management MGMT2002 MGMT2019 - Introduction to Project Management (ODE)  
Public Relations ADVE2004  
Recruitment and Selection HURM1007  
Statistics 1 STAT2000 STAT2004 - Statistics (ODE)   Mandatory
Training and Development HURM1006 HURM1021 - Training and Development (ODE)  

Additional Info

It is strongly recommended that applicants complete the CPA to ensure proper placement in their first communications course.

External Recognition

Certificate of Achievement in Human Resource
Georgian College offers a Certificate of Achievement in Human Resource Management. Business Administration students can work towards the Certificate of Achievement in Human Resource Management by choosing the right combination of courses. For complete details, please call the Program Manager at (705) 728-1968 extension 1140.

Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA)
Students interested in obtaining the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation through the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) must successfully complete nine courses before registering for the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). These academic course requirements comprise the core human resources competencies:
An average of 70% is required in the above nine courses with no individual course achieving lower than 65%.

As of August 2010 students wishing to obtain their CHRP, will need to further their studies to obtain a university degree. Students should also refer to Degree Required for Future Certification Candidates for more information, see HRPA's website at

HRPA Requirements Georgian Course Equivalencies
Human Resources Management HURM 1000 Human Resources Management
Organizational Behaviour BUSI 1001 Organizational Behaviour
Finance and Accounting ACCT 1003 Finance and Accounting
Training and Development HURM 1006 Training and Development
Occupational Health and Safety HURM 1001 Occupational Health and Safety
Employee and Labour Relations HURM 1002 Labour Relations
Human Resources Planning HURM 1005 Human Resources Planning
Compensation HURM 1004 Compensation
Staffing HURM 1007 Recruitment and Selection

The Canadian Institute of Marketing (CIM)
The Canadian Institute of Marketing is the authorized professional organization representing marketing management in Canada. Providing you have completed the required courses and meet their eligibility requirements, you can acquire the professional designation of Graduate of The Canadian Institute of Marketing (G.C.Inst.M.). For further information, contact the Program Co-ordinator at (705) 728-1968, ext. 1488.
In order to be eligible for the CIM designation you must successfully complete the following courses:

CIM Requirements Georgian Course Equivalents
Marketing: An Introduction MKTG1000 Introduction to Marketing
MKTG1001 Planning the Marketing Strategy
Advertising & Sales Promotion ADVE1004 Advertising
International Marketing MKTG2011 International Marketing
Communications COMM1021 Dynamic Presentations
Marketing Planning MKTG2000 Writing the Marketing Plan
MKTG2012 Marketing Management
Marketing Research MKTG2003 Marketing Research
MKTG2005 Research Project
Sales Management MKTG2010 Sales Management
Business Strategy MGMT3001 Managerial Decision Making

Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
If you are interested in a career in sales, you can acquire the Canadian Professional Sales designation. You must complete the following:

CPSA Requirements Georgian Course Equivalent
Communications COMM1017 Work Environment Communications
COMM1021 Dynamic Presentations
Marketing MKTG1000 Introduction to Marketing
MKTG1001 Planning the Marketing Strategy
Consultative Selling and MKTG1003 Personal Selling
Relationship Building
Options (2 of 4)
Sales Administration MKTG2010 Sales Management
Sales & Technology COMP1003 Microcomputer Applications
Business Acumen (1 of 2) LAWS2000 Business Law or
MGMT3001 Managerial Decision Making

Canadian Payroll Association (CPA)
If you are interested in a career in payroll, you can acquire the first level course requirements for the Canadian Payroll Association's certification requirements

Canadian Payroll Association Georgian Course Equivalent
Payroll Compliance Legislation BUSI 1007 Legislation and Payroll
Payroll Fundamentals 1 BUSI 1008 Payroll Practices 1
Introduction to Accounting ACCT 1000 Financial Accounting Principles 1
Payroll Fundamentals 2 BUSI 1009 Payroll Practices 2