Program Code
Ontario College Diploma

Program requirements

  • 18 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Communications Courses
  • 1 Optional Courses
  • 3 General Education Courses

Please see our course listings of available General Education and Communications courses for this program.

Georgian will cover the cost of the $95 Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) fee, all other Georgian fees are still applicable.

Program Description

For students interested in managing people or processes, Georgian''s two-year Business program provides a solid foundation in the basics of business. Studies in economics, accounting, marketing, and human resources lay the foundation for a good start. Individual courses provide the student with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to get to work. This program can launch a career or can be a spring-board into further studies.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Business Finance FNCE2000   Mandatory
Compensation HURM1004  
Customer Service BUSI2005 BUSI1015 - Building and Maintaining Customer Relations (ODE)   Mandatory
Finance and Mgmt Accounting ACCT1003 ACCT1015 - Managerial Cost Accounting (ODE)   Mandatory
Financial Acctg Principles 2 ACCT1001 ACCT1012 - Financial Accounting 2 (ODE)  
Financial Acctg. Principles 1 ACCT1000 ACCT1011 - Financial Accounting 1 (ODE)   Mandatory
Human Res. Mgmt. Foundations HURM1000   Mandatory
Intro to Project Management MGMT2012 MGMT2027 - Intro to Project Mgmt (ODE)   Mandatory
Introduction to Advertising ADVE1004 ADVE1006 - Business Development for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ODE)  
Introduction to Marketing MKTG1000 MKTG1020 - Marketing 1 (ODE)
MKTG1012 - Marketing 1 (ODE)  
Introduction to Org. Behaviour BUSI1001   Mandatory
Macroeconomics ECON2000 ECON2006 - Macroeconomics (ODE)
ECON2005 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (ODE)  
Mathematics of Finance MATH1002   Mandatory
Microcomputer Applications COMP1003 COMP1065 - Introduction to Computers 2 (ODE)   Mandatory
Microeconomics ECON1000 ECON1004 - Microeconomics (ODE)
ECON1003 - Introduction to Microeconomics (ODE)  
Principles of Management MGMT2001 MGMT2024 - Management Principles (ODE)   Mandatory
Project Management MGMT2002  
Public Relations ADVE2004  
Recruitment and Selection HURM1007  
Statistics 1 STAT2000 STAT2004 - Statistics (ODE)   Mandatory
Training and Development HURM1006 HURM1021 - Training and Development (ODE)