Business - Accounting

Business - Accounting

Program Code
Ontario College Diploma

Program requirements

  • 18 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Communications Courses
  • 1 Optional Course
  • 3 General Education Courses

Please see our course listings of available General Education and Communications courses for this program.

Program Description

An accounting education helps you to understand “the numbers” which is critical to the success of every type of business. If you are a logical thinker and enjoy the challenge of unravelling the mystery of numbers then this program is for you. In this increasingly complex and competitive business environment, accounting skills are very much in demand.
The program provides a foundation in all of the functional business areas and a comprehensive education in specific accounting practices and theory. Through a strong focus on application, students develop the skills needed for success in the business world; analytical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork. Students graduate ready to enter the workforce and support the accounting activities of any organization.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code ONTARIOLEARN EQUIVALENTS Mandatory
Acctg Information Systems ACCT3004  
Business Law LAWS2000 LAWS2054 - Business Law (ODE)
LAWS2031 - Business Law 1 (ODE)  
Cost Accounting 1 ACCT2003 ACCT2009 - Cost and Managerial Accounting 1 (ODE)   Mandatory
Cost Accounting 2 ACCT2000 ACCT2010 - Cost and Managerial Accounting 2 (ODE)   Mandatory
Financial Acctg Principles 2 ACCT1001 ACCT1012 - Financial Accounting 2 (ODE)   Mandatory
Financial Acctg. Principles 1 ACCT1000 ACCT1011 - Financial Accounting 1 (ODE)   Mandatory
Financial Management FNCE2010 FNCE2016 - Business Finance 1 (ODE)   Mandatory
Human Res. Mgmt. Foundations HURM1000  
Intermediate Accounting 1 ACCT2001   Mandatory
Intermediate Accounting 2 ACCT2002   Mandatory
Introduction to Marketing MKTG1000 MKTG1020 - Marketing 1 (ODE)
MKTG1012 - Marketing 1 (ODE)  
Introduction to Org. Behaviour BUSI1001   Mandatory
Macroeconomics ECON2000 ECON2006 - Macroeconomics (ODE)
ECON2005 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (ODE)  
Mathematics of Finance MATH1002   Mandatory
Microcomputer Applications COMP1003 COMP1065 - Introduction to Computers 2 (ODE)   Mandatory
Microeconomics ECON1000 ECON1004 - Microeconomics (ODE)
ECON1003 - Introduction to Microeconomics (ODE)  
Statistics 1 STAT2000 STAT2004 - Statistics (ODE)   Mandatory
Taxation FNCE2002 FNCE2009 - Taxation 1 (ODE)   Mandatory

Additional Info

In order to broaden the program choices, all General, Accounting, Human Resources, and Marketing students, whether they are in a two-year or a three-year diploma program, will share a common first semester. Students will take five mandatory courses in that semester, and will have a choice of which General Education course they wish to take. The curriculum for this common first semester is as follows:

Code Course Name
ACCT 1000 Financial Accounting Principles 1
BUSI 1001 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
MATH 1002 Mathematics of Finance
MKTG 1000 Introduction to Marketing
Plus one each of
Communications course
General Education course

External Recognition

Students can pursue the Ontario Chartered Professional Accountant designation (CPA) upon completion of a university degree recognized by CPA. CPA Ontario will recognize college level credits that have been transferred to a CPA recognized university degree program towards the Prerequisite Education Program (PREP) level of the CPA requirements. Additional information can be found at:

Students can also meet all of the prerequisite education requirements for the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) credential offered through CPA. Additional information can be found at: