Students working in a commercial ship navigation simulator

Marine innovation

The Centre for Marine Training and Research (CMTR) is committed to more than training leading marine professionals. The centre supports the marine industry and institutions in the development of research and innovation beyond professional development, leveraging more than 16 simulation systems, state-of-the-art modelling technologies, and a faculty of experienced and often acting marine experts.

Simulation and synthetic training

Marine simulation has reached an unprecedented level of sophistication, allowing it to replace aspects of required sea time. With more than 16 marine simulation systems onsite, the CMTR offers the most advanced training simulation facilities in central Canada.

Marine students training to fight fire with real fire

Marine research

CMTR’s combination of advanced technologies, simulation systems, and faculty active in the marine industry makes it a unique partner for advanced research and simulation for the marine industry and institutions.

Simulated ship endingroom

Marine business innovation

Efficiency and savings are just some of the key benefits of simulation. The rapid ascent of the learning curve and the specialty knowledge gained are measurable through safety records and financial costs. More knowledge can be gained, in less time, without travel, in a simulation facility. For more details, please contact us directly.

Commercial freighters in the St. Lawrence Seaway

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The Centre for Marine Training and Research is recognized as central Canada’s marine centre of excellence. As a leader in marine innovation, customized training, research and development, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-driven marine training and certifications. We are focused on providing the highest standard of relevant training, delivered by expert instructors with extensive industry experience.

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