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The Centre for Marine Training and Research (CMTR) is recognized as Central Canada’s marine centre of excellence.

As a leader in marine innovation, customized training, research and development, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-driven marine training and certifications. We are focused on providing the highest standard of relevant training, delivered by expert instructors with extensive industry experience.

Find the right marine career path for you

Responsible for more than 90 per cent of the world’s trade, the marine industry is a diverse, global and growing profession. Employing hundreds of thousands of people around the world in tens of thousands of roles, the marine industry offers endless opportunity, experience and adventure for any interest and any skill level.

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Finishing high school?

Ready to start building your first career? Not sure what your options are? The marine industry is filled with opportunity, experience and adventure.

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New to Canada?

Are you new to Canada and looking to explore a career as a marine professional or continue building on your existing industry experience?

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Looking for a new career?

Considering a career change or exploring new opportunities? The marine industry offers opportunities for committed individuals at all stages of their career.

Looking to grow your current marine career?

Already spent time on the water and want to take your marine career to the next level? Discover your next path and opportunities through continued professional development.

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Student experiences

Whether it’s state-of-the-art virtual reality marine navigation and engineering simulators, real life fire and rescue training, outstanding athletic and fitness programs and facilities, or the variety of services available to students — housing, food services, library, healthcare and more — we’ve got it all going on!

Wondering if a career on the water is for you? Watch this!

From the captain on the bridge of a supertanker to the pilot of a submarine on the bottom of the sea. The marine industry is filled with opportunity, challenge, and adventure. Find out more about what a career on the water can be for you.

Looking to evolve your crew’s skills?

Already leading a crew that you want to develop? From hands-on, technical skills to real world leadership skills, onsite and offsite, let us show you how we can help take your crew to the next level with the our Commercial Training Programs.

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Refresh or update skills

We provide a wide range of ongoing professional development courses and programs for marine professionals, from safety certifications to advanced technology training.

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Develop better leaders

Looking to promote strong crew into strong crew leaders? We offer leadership development programs at all stages of career development.

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Build teams that work

Work with our team to leverage our faculty and facilities to develop your team.

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