Crew on the bridge of a commercial ship

A career on the water

Becoming a marine professional is more than a job — it’s a membership in one of the oldest and most important trades in history. For more than 50 thousand years, civilizations have depended on ships to travel, trade and explore. Look at becoming one of those brave and adventurous individuals that have chosen to maintain, navigate and pilot those ships.

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The marine industry is a community wrapped around the planet, built on centuries of proud seafarers committed to a life of professionalism, exploration and bravery.

Today, the commitment to quality of life, safety and opportunity has come a long way, but the spirit, tradition and community is still there for anyone who chooses a career on the water.

An industry full of opportunities

As global trade and tourism develops, expands and accelerates, the demand for unique individuals ready to choose a life on the water is also growing. The global marine port and service market is expected to grow 4.2 per cent each year until at least 2023, driven by global economic development, trade and travel.

Additionally, a growing number of current marine professionals are approaching retirement or semi-retirement. These and other factors have created a long-term demand globally across the marine industry for new professionals.

Comercial ship on the water at sunset

A career full of experiences

There are more than 53 thousand merchant class ships in the world working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, traveling between thousands of ports across the planet. Beyond that, there are tens of thousands of commercial tourist, science and private vessels moving more than 40 million people a year.

The vastness of the marine industry offers the flexibility and possibility to explore experiences and build a career around any interest. From navigation to engineering, science to tourism, there are an almost unlimited paths to the life you want to live in the marine industry.

Marine engineer repairing the winch of a life boat on a commercial ship

An experience full of adventures

Life on the water as a marine professional is a career like no other. At any given time, there are tens of thousands of different kinds of ships traveling between thousands of ports around the world. With different missions on ever-changing and unpredictable bodies of water, there is no shortage of experiences and adventures for a marine professional.

Commercial ship sailing away from snow covered arctic coastline

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