Sim Electronic Navigation 2

Sim Electronic Navigation 2

MARI 0102

This course will enable participants to make appropriate decisions in complex navigational situations, to effectively manage the bridge watch-keeping team and to comply with the standards regarding watch-keeping in a simulated environment. Participants will prepare and execute a voyage plan from berth to berth using the necessary instruments and publications while assuming the duties and responsibilities of the master aboard ships having specified maneuvering characteristics. Prerequisites: CDN, ROC-MC, SEN1A & 1B or TCMSS approved qualifying service



Course Hours



Transport Canada Marine Safety requires that you pay a fee of $55 to complete the Transport Canada exam, payable by cheque or credit card.

Please note: You will receive a confirmation email approximately one week prior to the course starting.  This will indicate course start time, room number, and other important information about the course.

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