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Unfortunately, we will not be teaching the SDV-BS (MED A3) course online until further notice. The SDV-BS (MED A3) courses will be held in person and future course dates are listed under course code MARI 0193.

SDV-BS (MED A3) practical information

For the practical portion of the SDV-BS (MED A3), two pieces of equipment are required as well as a face mask or something that can be used as a blindfold. Both demonstrations are to be conducted with the eyes covered (simulating total darkness). A face mask lifted to cover the eyes is acceptable.

Immersion suit demonstration

You will require an immersion suit approved by Transport Canada. An immersion suit is a piece of protection equipment that can be donned in the event of an abandon ship incident. It is constructed of waterproof and insulating materials. When properly donned, it will keep a person dry, afloat and relatively warm until rescue. Types of approved immersion suits include:

  • Imperial
  • Mustage
  • H/H
  • Bailey's

The suit must be fully donned, including the hooded covering, zipping it all the way up, securing the splash guard (piece across the mouth) and gloves, if separate. You will then demonstrate the positioning for entering the water from a height (one hand across to opposite shoulder and other covering the mouth and nose). To remain compliant with Transport Canada’s regulations, we cannot accept floatation suits or dry suits for this demonstration.

Lifejacket demonstration

You will also require a lifejacket approved by Transport Canada. Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) are not permitted. The practical demonstration can be done using one of three types:

  • SOLAS Lifejacket (over 32 kgs)
  • Standard Type Lifejacket (over 40 kgs)
  • Small Vessel Lifejacket

You will don the lifejacket according to the manufacturer’s instructions, including the neck strap. You will then demonstrate the proper placement of hands for entering the water from a height (one across the opposite shoulder, the other covering the mouth and nose).

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