Master Limited Exam Prep

Master Limited Exam Prep

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Every commercial vessel over five gross tons (GT), including passenger vessels, must have someone on board with a Master Limited Certificate.

There are no prerequisites to take this Master Limited (under 60 GT) course. However, there are the additional marine courses that you will be required to take before a Master Limited (under 60 GT) certificate can be issued by Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TSMSS). The additional courses are:

  • TCMSS Marine Medical (must be obtained from TCMSS approved doctor)
  • Marine Basic First Aid
  • Marine Emergency Duties A1 (MED A1) for non-passenger vessels or A2 (MED A2) for passenger carrying vessels
  • ROC-M Radio License or ROC-MC depending on area of operation
  • Two months sea service, performing deck-related duties on a ship of no less than five GT

After this course is completed, and all the requirements listed above are met, candidates will be required to contact TCMSS and complete the written, oral and practical examinations with a TCMSS examiner. Questions will be based on the area of operation, type of craft, number of passengers carried on board, and types of equipment carried on board.

The Master Limited (under 60 GT) Certificate issued by TCMSS is vessel-specific and area-specific.

If you are unsure of the certification you need, or whether you meet the sea service requirements, please contact your local Transport Canada Marine Safety office.

Please note: You will receive a confirmation email approximately one week prior to the course starting.  This will indicate course start time, room number, and other important information about the course.

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