Leadership & Mgmt Skills

Leadership & Mgmt Skills

MARI 0213

This course is designed to blend theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an effective shipboard leader. As a leader, a large part of your responsibility is anticipating issues and implementing directives and standard operating practices. Students will learn tools and management techniques to manage workload and resources, assess situations and manage risk within a team environment. This course is Transport Canada approved as per TP 15337E and meets the requirements of the STCW2010 amendment. Students must have a Certificate of Competency at least at the Officer Level (Nautical, Engineering or Electro-Tech) and at least 6 months of sea service after acquiring a Certificate of Competency at the Officer Level.



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Please note: You will receive a confirmation email approximately one week prior to the course starting. This will indicate course start time, room number, and other important information about the course.

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