Turn your diploma into a degree

Today’s employers are looking for doers, thinkers, creators and leaders – all in one person. That’s why Georgian offers pathways for diploma holders to continue their education into degree studies.

We spoke with Laura Moote and Avery Perrier, two Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership) (BBML) degree students, to learn more about why they continued on in their studies after completing the Business (Co-op) diploma at Georgian.

Avery Perrier and Laura Moote headschots; Avery on the left has blonde hair and blue eyes, while Laura Moote on the right has brown hair and brown eyes.
Avery Perrier (l) and Laura Moote (r) both completed the Business diploma at Georgian before enrolling in the Business degree.

Why did you enrol in the Business (Co-op) diploma at Georgian?

Laura: I was working at the time and didn’t feel very fulfilled, so it seemed like a good time to return to school. While I was working on my diploma, I heard about the BBML degree and the pathway to the program for business diploma holders.

I had such a great experience in the diploma program, I decided to continue with the degree program to further my learning and enhance future career opportunities. Business faculty at the college are so well-informed and are experts in their field, so it felt like a good opportunity to continue to network within the industry before graduation.

Avery: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after high school, other than something that was business-related. When I saw there was a general business option at Georgian, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about every aspect of business. When I learned there was an advanced study option for the business degree program, I was sold on my choice to attend Georgian.

What are the benefits of earning a diploma and a degree at Georgian?

Laura: Georgian feels like a community, so the small class sizes and being able to build relationships with professors is a definite benefit. The co-op experience and work-integrated learning is great too. I learned so much during my work terms and am now able to put that experience on my resumé, along with industry references.

Avery: For me, I like that the class sizes are smaller and that I was supported by faculty. Both the diploma and degree programs have a co-op option, which is a great way to get industry experience while still in school. I grew up in a small town, and I like that Barrie – and Georgian – still have a community feel to them; it made moving here a lot easier and I felt more comfortable here than I would have in a big city.

I used the fast-track option to complete my degree using advanced standing, which means I’m able to complete my degree in three years instead of four. And since I passed all my diploma courses with honours, I was able to transfer most of them to get advanced standing in the degree program.

Do you recommend continuing studies after earning a diploma?

Laura: I recommend students continue studying after completing a diploma because it opens more pathways; the degree program has given me more in-depth knowledge in more avenues of business.

Avery: I truly believe that learning is a lifelong commitment, so studying in a degree program after a diploma is an extension of that. If you can continue studying after completing a diploma, I say do it! You’ll look back and appreciate being able to learn more about the subject that interests you.

What extracurriculars does your program offer that build on your learning?

Laura: I’m currently participating in the Emerge leadership extracurricular, which was started by Dr. Brenda Marshall, a professor in the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership) degree program.

It’s been so valuable to my experience and given me the confidence to put my ideas into action. Being able to interact and engage with my peers and professors has helped me build a network and my own competencies. It’s really enhanced my leadership skills and improved my confidence in my abilities.

Avery: The Emerge leadership extracurricular is providing a deeper understanding of my own leadership style. Knowing what my leadership traits are is important so I can adapt to the different types of people I’ll eventually lead.

Seeing how every aspect of business informs others is interesting and truly beneficial. Dr. Brenda Marshall, our professor and faculty lead in the Emerge program, is doing the same stuff she does with VPs in the industry that they’re doing with us – we’re literally getting the same education she delivers at the corporate level!

Benefits of pursuing a degree after a diploma

1. Better career opportunities: Having a degree can improve your career prospects and make you more competitive in the job market.

2. Higher earning potential: By upgrading your diploma to a degree, you may increase your earning potential over the course of your career.

3. Personal and professional growth: Pursuing a degree program can help you develop critical thinking, research and communication skills that you can use in your field of interest.

4. Increased credibility: Holding a degree can give you greater credibility and recognition within your industry.

5. Flexibility: Georgian has flexible study options, including part- and full-time options and GC Flex, hybrid, in person and online delivery.

6. Professors are industry leaders: Learning from professors who are experts in their field and have industry connections means you’ll get a glimpse into the workforce and benefit from knowing what you’ll face when you enter the field.

Ways to turn your diploma into a degree

If you’re considering starting your postsecondary journey with a college diploma before transitioning into a degree program, here are three pathways to explore.

Advanced standing option

Graduates of a two-year general business postsecondary program – like the Business or Business (Co-op) programs at Georgian – can receive credits toward the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership) (BBML) degree. Learn about pathways to the BBML degree.

Published Monday, April 17, 2023

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